Grand & Unusual

Happy Monday my lovelies. Being away from my computer for 2 days means I have a hell of a lot of stuff to now catch up on (good for you!) including announcing the finalists for the Love Me Do Photography contest – check back later today to check them out and vote for your favourites to win!

Starting off the week in style is this stunning red haired bride. The shoot took place in a funeral home of all places (her father works there) but the setting certainly made for a rather grand and unusual backdrop. Yummy indeed.


Thanks to Maria for shipping these over to me. Love love love…

Credit: Squaresville Studios


  1. That hair is “not for the faint” RED and I adore it. Combined with the beautiful bride, back round and perfect lips, it’s photographic genius.

  2. Amanda

    These are photos of me and I am so thrilled with them! Maria did such a beautiful job with my bridal photos. We picked the perfect day to shoot and I couldn’t be happier. She has such a keen eye for the perfect shot and doesn’t hesitate to tweak it until it is right. Her sense of style and color are phenomenal. She also shot our wedding and made us feel so special. I would recommend her to anyone!!!

  3. Lara

    Maria has an amazing eye and did a wonderful job with these photos. I regret that she was not around when I got married. As for Amanda she is one of those rare beauties that is just as gorgeous without makeup and hair undone. She is even more beautiful on the inside. I am proud to call her my friend.


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