Feels Like Home

I’ve done that thing again where I get sent a wedding so damn awesome that I end up posting a million pictures…I hope you don’t mind! I think you’ll understand my overwhelming excitement when you see these and learn that photographer Jeremy Lawson has given Rock n Roll Bride the exclusive blogging/bragging rights to this awesomeness.

Christine & Dan’s ceremony took place at their favourite floral boutique, Asrai Garden, in Chicago. They wanted the setting to not only be gorgeous, but to be super sumptuous yet unpretentious place for to say their vows. The fragrant blooms, the pastries and the smell of fresh coffee throughout really did make the space feel like home.

Their reception was held at The Violet Hour, also in Chicago, where they served personalised cocktails to their guests including one called ‘Romeo & Juliet’ that was made of Beefeater gin, mint, cucumber and rose water. The florist (who of course also owned the ceremony space!) filled the reception with vessels and apothecary jars for ferns and succulents, wooden pedestals for food and loads of gorgeous garden flowers. The couple chose not to have a traditional wedding cake, opting instead for loads of pastries including fresh fruit tarts, meringue and gold leaf cupcakes and bacon chocolate chip cookies all from Hot Chocolate Restaurant.

Christine’s awesome dress was a 1950’s vintage gown from Elizabeth Avey in London (wooo) and Dan accompanied his Rag & Bone suit (New York) with a bow tie from the 1930’s and wingtip shoes from Church’s in England.

Thanks to much for sharing your story you guys, and Jeremy Lawson – I will actually love you forever!

Credit: Jeremy Lawson Photography


  1. Elissa

    Longtime lurker, not much of a commenter…
    This wedding is gorgeous and I love looking through your posts.
    However, I’ve noticed that “homely” comes up a lot in many homey posts. I don’t think you’re using the word correctly; the definitions of “homely” are

    1. lacking in physical attractiveness; not beautiful; unattractive: a homely child.
    2. not having elegance, refinement, or cultivation.
    3. proper or suited to the home or to ordinary domestic life; plain; unpretentious: homely food.
    4. commonly seen or known.


    Which, I think we can all agree, does NOT describe this wedding.

    I thought you’d like to know so you don’t inadvertently insult someone’s wedding, photography work, or residence in the future.

  2. Post author

    hum..methinks the British use of the word is different! not unattractive, or unelegant in anyway – more cosy and comfy..a happy place you would want to be in!

  3. I think of ‘homely’ as an insult, too. But in the end, it’s just semantics! I just went through all of these photos, sobbing like a mad heffer. What a beautiful couple, and an equally beautiful wedding.

  4. Robin Dickelman

    Could you tell me where the picture was taken that had the blue and white sculpture that the bride and groom were “in”?


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