I Actually Squealed With Excitement…

Ever since Tim & Merrill’s engagements, I have been waiting with bated breath for what feels like a lifetime for this wedding to happen and the photographs to be shared! Not only is Mark Brooke a photographer I simply adore, but the Groom is photographer Tim Melideo so I just knew the results would be nothing less than spectacular. I am quite frankly anything but disappointed! In fact I love these so much I could actually squeal.

Tim & Merrill have got some style that deserves some serious envy. The boys are rocking their same look different tie thing and the girls just look ridiculously gorgeous in their pink dress/bright flowers combo.

Oh sometimes it’s just all too damn exciting!

Credit: Mark Brooke Photographers


  1. Amanda H

    I love that orange!! The shoes!! The tie!! The bout!! Swoon!

    The men look so cool with the gray vests and bright ties. I am so struggling with using these bright colors without making everything look like clown vomit…

  2. I have a serious case of jealousy right now. I live 10 minutes away from Smog Shoppe and am stalking this site. Thank you so much for posting pics!

  3. kristian perry

    Amazing photos. I love your shoes! Please tell me where can I find them?!!

  4. Post author

    she got them from ebay. they are beautiful and you can get them in all different colours woot woot! do a search for “knotted heels” and they will come up. i hope this helps

  5. Rachael Urquhart

    This has got to be my favourite wedding shoot yet!!
    It’s so bright and original.. I love the colours!!

  6. Amazing photos. I like your shoes!
    I especially like that tie~
    The males look so awesome using the grey vests and vibrant ties.


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