Some Might Say I’m A Little Over Excited…

When something grabs me like these have, I can literally feel the excitement bubbling up inside of memust blog must blog must blog!

About 30 seconds ago these popped up on Angie & Matt Sloan’s Twitter(s) and I am just dying to be the first blog to share them with you all. How gorgeous is Mele? This shoot is absolutely glorious.

OK calm down now Kat, you may well have got a little bit over-excited there.


Credit: Sloan Photographers


  1. I’ve been spending the whole week just seeing these gourgeous pictures and I can’t help myself.

    I just loooved this blog. Congrats!

  2. Mele

    Hi Kat.

    Can I just say that you are absolutely adorable, and I am now obsessed with your blog!?
    My name is Mele and I am completely taken back with flattery that you put those pics on your site! Is it lame that I’m commenting ? I just wanted to thank you for your sweetness, and reiterate how absolutely AMAZING the Sloans are, both as people and talent!

  3. Post author

    Hey Molly The dress was custom made for her I’m afraid but im sure you could get something similar made


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