VW Love

So. Much. Style!  This groom is seriously rockin’ the Groom Style.  I love it when the boys go all out…more often than not it’s all about the Bride,however I can not choose who’s look I love the most of these two…her bow and floaty dress combo is so cute!

Thanks Michelle – gorgeous as ever!

Credit: Oeil Photography


  1. Tyrese

    So, I just want to say that this post is exactly the reason why I love your blog! All shapes, all sizes, all ethnicities, all types of people…there is so much variety here and I love it. All the other blogs are really hard for me to relate to because the people/weddings that they showcase are just so… “typical” and nothing like me. I just wanted to say thanks for keeping things interesting and beautiful!

  2. Post author

    aww what a nice comment. thanks so much! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes & ethnicities – hell yeah, that’s what being rock n roll is allll about!


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