Crazy Horses

April 23, 2009

I think it’s pretty obvious that I am all about doing what represents you and including what you love in your wedding, and I think it’s pretty clear to see that Moira is a massive fan of horses!  This Bridal shoot was taken by the lovely Emily Porter, she explains:

I’m not sure if there are words for how wonderful this session turned out. I walk away from all shoots feeling excited, but this was just something else entirely. Part of it was because with animals (and children!), you really just have to shoot more. I think I shot over 1,350 photos in less than 2 hours with Moira and her crew of animals and friends. And I am a very picky editor when it comes to selecting final proofs – clients see nothing but the best of the best. So when I “narrowed” it down to 76 photos I was floored.

Moira is studying to be a horse vet, so quite a few of her vet school friends came along to help out and take part in the action. She contacted me back in December about this session – the photos are a surprise for her parents for her May wedding! I was thrilled to learn that she wasn’t wearing her real wedding dress – it was almost like a trash the dress session, but with a horse! We had free reign to get down and dirty for the sake of some killer photos….. what could be better?

Credit: Emily Porter Photography