Who The Devil Are You?

Yes that’s right I want to know about you..your goals, you aspirations, the way you see the world…

Sorry got a little carried away there, I am in a silly billy mood today, quite possibly because in return for filling out this 5 minute survey you will automatically be entered into Rock n Roll Bride’s newest and sparkliest competition to win some personalised shoes by Shoe Missy!  Oh YES.  Did you ogle over my beyond fabulous ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ shoes in my Bognor photo shoot?  Well here is your chance to win your very own pair, and of course you can customise them with anything your heart desires!  Want something even better?  Well this competition is open to every single one of you, all my amazing and loyal readers are eligible to enter.  Clicky here for the all the details and how to enter.   So again, what a you waiting for?  Did you need hear me? FREE SHOES!

This contest is now closed

Photo Credit: David M McNeil


  1. Kat
    I seriously check your website a billion times a day. I actually gave you a blog award today then saw about the survey on twitter. Soo random. Hope i win! hahaa
    Keep up the AMAZING website.

  2. Post author

    bless you, how very lovely of you! looking forward to reading everyone’s responses. The draw will be random though i’m afriad its the only way to make it fair!

  3. Just wanted to stop by again and visit those fabulous shoes (and your gorgeous site of course, to say hello!)…when does the contest end? 😉 I’m dreamin’ of those darling works of art…

    Have a lovely weekend, Kat!


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