These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

My ideal engagement shoot would include the following things:

Amazing shoes – any kind of awesome shoes really, I’m not picky
Train Tracks
That ‘sunlight beaming though’ thing that is everywhere at the moment but I never get sick of seeing
The ‘reflection in a puddle’ shot

This shoot by Jill Thomas has all these things, hense why I love it so…

Credit: Jill Thomas


  1. Post author

    who knows. I keep thinking i really must get into the whole rss feed..but i don’t get it

  2. Oo love these. Our engagement shoot will have a train track and amazing shoes, have to tell David about the sunlight beaming thing, I’m sure there’s some kind of technical term!

  3. Post author

    Yeah do. He told me about your train tracks – sounds cool! he will know what you mean by the sunlight thingy as we did some kinda like that on our Bognor shoot (more pix to come very soon hopefully!)


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