Jonas Peterson Rocks Out

March 17, 2009

When newcomer Jonas Peterson emailed me a link to some his weddings this morning, I knew I recognised his name…I did a search and realised I’d featured one of them before as it had some kick as Australian Groom Style!  The other wedding he sent me (he has only ever shot two – quite unbelievable when you see how amazing these photographs are!) was that of Geoff & Cait – a totally rockin’ riverside affair.  He has still most definatly got the Groom, Groomsmen (and women!) thing down…

I am loving the soft feel of these images – I’m really into this almost angelic, vintage look right now.

For the slideshow of this wedding, clicky right here
Thanks for sending these my way Jonas – I’m looking forward to featuring more of your weddings in future!

Credit: Jonas Peterson


  1. Liza

    Thanks everyone for the lovely feedback! The cake was very special to us and was made by my beautiful cousin Nivani. Ruth – the card pinata came from Dale Pinatas who are on Etsy. x

  2. Phil Warburton

    You are an absolute beauty , actually no, your new bride is!
    All the best Billy Cobham,congratulations to you and Liza.


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