Cute ‘n Curly

Today seems to be the day of featuring new photographers, well photographers who haven’t been zipping all around the blogosphere anyway!  Emily Porter literally just emailed me saying she’d never been featured on a blog before, so who am I to say no to showcasing some of her work!?

I chose to feature this engagement set as not only did she tell me it was ‘her favourite engagement shoot to date’ but this couple are beyond cute with their matching curly blond locks!

Credit: Emily Porter


  1. I love Emily’s stuff. I’ve been dying to get her to let me be her assistant! 🙂 If you read this Emily, you know we still need to get together!

  2. Holly Fournier

    This is ironic, since a “Holly” has already commented, but I’m another Holly who would llloovvee to work as Emily’s assistant! I actually know her work through this very photoshoot…I’m a friend of the bride-to-be. 🙂

    Good work Emily! And remember my offer, if you’re ever in Harrisonburg…

  3. David C

    Emily not only is an amazing photographer, she’s a super cool person (used to work with her). HIRE EMILY…period.

  4. Alyssa

    Emily has a wonderful way of capturing any event. Her warm personality makes her a joy to work with!


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