Gorgeous Bridesmaids Make Me Happy

February 18, 2009

I am a firm believer that the bridesmaids should look just as hot as the Bride on a Wedding day.  Is that controversial?  Well let me explain.  So everyone always bangs on about it’s “the Bride’s” day right?  Now I’m not even going to get into the Bride/Groom’s day debate right now..I hope, even in my most self-centred frantic wedding planning moments, that I never lost sight of the fact that planning our wedding actually was for Gareth and myself! 

But back to my original point – you are celebrating your love with all for friends and family right?  You want them to enjoy the day right? Well don’t be so bloomin’ selfish and let your nearest and dearest look just as hot as you..don’t worry, no one will forget you’re the Bride!  Please don’t put your best friend in this or this or this!…you love her remember?  I have to say, my gorgeous, stunning, slim maid of honour probably got a comparable amount to compliments on the day as I did, but did I care? Actually no (for once) I was just super chuffed to be marrying my Gareth!

OK rant over.  Enjoy these photographs that I think illustrate my point vividly – gorgeous bridesmaids!

Credit: Jennifer Skog