I don’t know if I can blog anymore today..I’m sick at home so all I’ve done today is browse online, find gorgeousness and post post post!  I’m starting to get a wedding brain freeze!

Here’s another for you guys (I hope you appreciate the love, care and attention I put into the blog haha!)  I have a thing about peacock feathers and black and white weddings so what’s not to love here?

Credit: nLighten Images Via Indie Bride


  1. Post author

    for some reason i cant get onto the site where i found it, where i think it mentions the dress designer. as far as i remember i think it was custom made

  2. Post author

    Christen, the dress was made by Jessica McClintock ( and it was only $270 with $50 of alterations – bargain!
    Let me know if you find what your after!

  3. Elizabeth

    Hi! I’m the bride in the photos and just found myself here, thanks for the love for our wedding 🙂 We had an awesome time, and I’m glad you like our pictures…Robert (the photographer) was super awesome! You are right about the dress, like most things in the wedding, it was a super budget steal that (I think!) looked like a million bucks 🙂

  4. Post author

    glad you like the feature and the website – everyone has been raving and emailing me about your amazing dress!


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