This carnival themed wedding is just fabulous! I would love to go to a bash like this, it would be so fun..all the fun of the fair without the horrible chavvy kids hanging around! (that’s a British expression  – look it up ‘chav’ on wikipedia!)

The carnival was set up by Zebra Entertainments and looks like a absolute blast – certainly takes wedding entertainment to the next level!

The Bride, Courtney is a graphic designer and designed and planning everything (the invites are wicked)  The couple did so much work themselves, Charles even built things to go with the decor including games, trash cans and candy floss posts.

Credit: Victor Sizemore


  1. oh my.. i love the pictures you post here.. they’re breathtakingly gorgeous and beautiful.. thank you so much for sharing them and for the inspirations.. I’m so happy to have found your blog 🙂

  2. Post author

    bless you! thanks for the lovely comment – makes it all worth while when i know people are loving it :o)


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