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A Big New Orleans Celebration


Jess and Steve were married at Race and Religious, a quintessential New Orleans venue which was built in the 1830s. They were inspired by the city itself for their June wedding.

“New Orleans was a big inspiration for the wedding”, said the bride. “I would say it was alternative in that we often referred to it as our ‘party’ rather than our ‘wedding’. It helped us remember to keep it fun. Our theme was pretty loose but it was really about New Orleans and love and celebration. We played off the romantic and imperfect loveliness of it all.”


“I DIY’ed a lot of the wedding elements and I had a great time with it”, she continued. “We tried to make sure you could see a bit of us in everything we did and keep it personal. Our wedding favours were jars of honey from a bee-keeper in Steve’s mom’s community garden in Florida. That was symbolic for us because we got engaged in Wolfgang Laib’s Waxroom in the Phillips Collection Museum in DC.”


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Thursday Treats: Getting Excited!

copyright Lisa Jane Photography

Lisa Jane Photography

It feels like the few weeks before Christmas to me right now. I can’t even tell you how excited I am for issue 4 to hit the shelves and how much it’s killing me to keep what the magazine looks like a secret. I’ll be sharing the cover really soon, I promise! I know to you guys it might not seem any different to the previous three issues but for us its been a whole different ball game.

Before, we had the publishers holding our hands and taking us through everything step by step, but now we’re doing everything ourselves again. It really has been the biggest labour of love but it’s also been sooo worth it. We’ve learnt so much and made huge strides in the business behind the scenes. I am SO proud of how issue 4 has turned out and the new re-brand is looking incredible. Onwards and upwards baby!*

The next magazine hits the shops on September 3rd (that’s just two weeks away!) and the new look Rock n Roll Bride will be landing around then too. CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT CAN’T WAIT!

Weddings & Weddingy Things

Romantic waterfall bridal session
I’m a serial bridesmaid, here’s what it taught me about weddings
♥ Shauna is having a 5 year wedding anniversary party and shoot and if her letterpress invites are anything to go by, its going to be the coolest EVER
♥ If you too think generic chair covers are ugly AF, check out this super easy 3-minute DIY chair dress tutorial!
♥ This BTTF engagement photo is the best ever!
Epic Super Mario wedding


Megan Saul Photography

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Alternative French Chateau Wedding

sebastienboudot-photographer-Chateau de Montplaisant wedding (67)

Fiona and Christian were married in France at Chateau de Montplaisant. Their inspiration for their wedding, in their own words, was to “invite our guests into our world.”

Fiona explained, “We wanted to share our universe, our tastes and our love with all the guests. That meant anything unique goes! We took lots of decorations from our own home, which we didn’t buy especially for the wedding. Our ceremony officiant was also a friend which made that part of the day very special.”

sebastienboudot-photographer-Chateau de Montplaisant wedding (34)

“The ceremony was the highlight of our day. It was emotional and held under very beautiful big tree, with an 18th century altar. The weather was unbelievably warm with just a little wind. There were birds singing in the background. It was so intimate and natural. At the end of the ceremony we walked out to the Star Wars theme music to announce the beginning of the party!”

sebastienboudot-photographer-Chateau de Montplaisant wedding (42)

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What Are Save the Dates & Do You Really Need Them? (yes you do and you’ll save 10% on yours with this post!)


With people living busier lives than ever, sending a Save the Date for your wedding is pretty much essential. Not only will your friends and family appreciate the heads up, but they’re also a great way to announce your wedding and get everyone excited! While you could just send an email or a text, sending something in the post is a great way to kick off the pre-wedding crafting or to start to think about your theme. Here are some questions you might have before you send yours.

1. Who gets a Save the Date?

When it comes to compiling your wedding guest list, I’d advise that you have an A-list and a B-list. The A-list is people you definitely want to invite (close family and friends), and a B-list is backups in case some people can’t make it (work colleagues, neighbours, extended family). Doing this means that hopefully won’t have any empty seats or uneaten meals that you’ve already paid for!

You should only send Save the Dates you your A-list, aka the people you absolutely want to be there. It would be mightily embarrassing to send someone one, and then not actually extend a formal invitation. It would basically be like uninviting them!


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Colourful Cinco de Mayo Wedding

Colourful Cinco de Mayo Wedding (21)

Tom and Fran’s wedding was inspired by their love of Mexico and the beautiful decorations and colours that are used in traditional Mexican weddings. “When we started planning the wedding, we just couldn’t bear to look at one more lavender satin chair cover so we decided to make it as colourful and interesting as we could”, said the bride.

Colourful Cinco de Mayo Wedding (9)

“Since we’ve been together we’ve spent a fair bit of time in LA and from that have come to love Mexican food so we put together a delicious Mexican menu that everybody would enjoy. Again, we just couldn’t stand the idea of the traditional ‘chicken in a cream sauce’ you get at every other wedding! And of course, we also had to have a Mariachi band. They were a definite highlight.”

Colourful Cinco de Mayo Wedding (29)

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Want to Write for Rock n Roll Bride Magazine? Here’s How!


Rock n Roll Bride blog and magazine relies heavily on the awesome submissions I receive for real weddings, photo shoots, vendor profiles and freelance articles. Without them I wouldn’t have enough content to keep updating as often as I do!

I have written about how to submit your wedding or a photo shoot on numerous occasions (you can read them here, here and here!) so today I want to talk specifically about freelance article contributions for the magazine.

Have you ever dreamt of seeing something you’ve penned in print? Well this could be your chance! Obviously I’m writing from my own experiences as an editor here, but I think my tips could very easily be applied to any blog or magazine that you might want to pitch to.

Be memorable

Most of the freelance articles I publish are actually written by people I’m already friends with. That’s not to say you have to be my mate to write for me, but if I don’t know you, I’m probably never going to think of you when I need a freelancer!

When we first announced the magazine I was literally flooded with emails from people wanting to write or create DIY projects for us. It was lovely and very flattering, but do I remember anything specific about any of them? Nope…not a sausage.

Charm goes a long way. If you seem upbeat, friendly and enthusiastic then you’re more likely to get ahead of someone who’s email reads like a generic CV. Ask yourself, what can you specifically bring to the magazine? What makes you different? Why should I call on you over someone else? What is your speciality and what do you know that no-one else does!? You don’t have to be an expert on something to research and write about it, but it helps!

Check and double check your spelling and punctuation

Seriously! I’m no grammar Nazi and we’re all guilty of the odd spelling error slipping through now and again, but if you’re gunning for a writing gig, please make sure you demonstrate in your email that you know how to string a sentence together! Think of your initial email as your first audition. You need to make a solid first impression and no editor is going to want to hire someone whose writing is all over the place.

Be concise and friendly (but not over-familiar)

There’s a lot to be said for being a bit charismatic when you send that initial email, but don’t be creepy! It might just be me, but I cringe to high heaven when someone I don’t know calls me “babe” or “hun” or “love”. That fine line between professional and personal is the sweet spot when it comes to getting on an editor’s good side!

Also, don’t fan-girl. It’s lovely to be told something you do is awesome, but don’t make it uncomfortable. Demonstrate that you know and love the magazine, drop in some references to things I’ve spoken about online, but don’t expect to be going out to dinner, holding hands and braiding my hair by the end of the night. Always remain professional, you’re not trying to make a new best friend here!

Have an idea

Most of the time, coming up with a unique idea for a magazine article is the hardest part. Once I have that, in all honestly, I can pull something together relatively quickly myself. So instead of just vaguely offering yourself up as someone that can write (join the queue!) get ahead of the competition by actually having a killer idea to pitch. Better still, write it in advance and then submit it. Editors LOVE getting articles that are relevant and ready to go because it saves us a job!


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