Recycled Rustic Barn Wedding: Kerri & Andrew

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Kerry and Andrew were married at Mythe Barn in Birmingham. Their wedding was full of lovely rustic, home made touches. The bride wore a stunning 1960s vintage wedding dress which she found at Luxe Bridal and instead of a traditional bouquet, she carried dried flowers (!!) from The Artisan Dried Flower Company. All the rest of the flowers they arranged themselves.

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“Our wedding was DIY, vintage, industrial and recycled with stag motifs and wood everywhere!”, Kerry explained. “It was basically a mixture of everything we love whilst keeping the theme of the venue in mind. As serious as a wedding is, we wanted to say our vows and basically have one big party with all our family and friends. A lot of weddings that we have been to have been very traditional but it’s just not us.”

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“We were inspired by the venue, We wanted to keep the theme relevant to the surroundings but at the same time put our own stamp on it”, she continued. “Most of the décor was from our house!!! I had an obsession with deer antlers and taxidermy and that is why the stag elements ran through the décor. The barn had exposed wood and the outhouses inspired me to use old apple crates and wood slices for the centrepieces. That element ran through the invitations and menus to give people a taster of things to come. The flowers were dried to dull down the colour and to make the props (and the outfits) stand out.”

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“I wanted to create a slight recycling element to the theme too. I hated the idea of buying vases for the flowers to then have them lying around in the house or having to list them on eBay. We used jars, bottles and tin cans we collected over the time we planned the wedding. When we got them home, most of them went straight in the recycling bin!”

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“The attire for the gents was themed around British styling (Ben Sherman meets English gent) and I wanted to mirror that with my Vivienne Westwood shoes. Although my dress was 1960s I didn’t want to do the done thing and style myself around my dress…I wanted to keep my individuality and wear my hair and make up similar to how I would normally wear it.”

“The bridesmaids were more woodland themed with their attire being natural in colour. I wanted a slight hint of ‘flower fairy’ about them as they all are so pretty and have beautiful long hair!!! The hair circlets were from eBay and I think they really finished off their outfits.”

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Putting so much effort into all the DIY at their wedding, unsurprisingly many of their painstaking projects turned out to be Kerri’s favourite parts of the day. “Our save the dates were simply a gift tag, a stag head stamped on to one side and a calendar style stamp which I had to make myself using an individual stamper”, she said.” We circled the date in red pen! Really simple but effective and they did the job! My mum embroidered all our table numbers and for me they really finished off the table centrepieces. The invites and menus were made from wood and hold a special place in my heart. CARVD really went above and beyond to create exactly what we wanted.”

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  1. Shauna

    Love everything about this wedding! Such attention to detail! Simply beautiful. My bridesmaids wore the same colour :)

  2. Gasp, could this bride have been any hotter? LOVING her style – especially the Miley Cyrus meets Gwen Stefani hair & makeup.
    Congratulations to the couple on their marriage & to the vendors on their work on making a beautiful event. :)

  3. what a corker!! love this bride,soooo coool, well done Nicola , your photography rocks xxx

  4. Ah-mazin! Love Kerry’s dress and style, her hair is awesome. Absolutely j’adore the stationary & Place settings! Fantastic attention to details. Congrats Kerry and Andrew! :D


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