Ethical Wedding at Home: Feng & David

Simple weddings are often the best, and for Feng & David, doing something low-key and ethical was important. So they had a super tiny civil ceremony with only their closest friends and family in attendance, and hosted the reception at their own house! Yes, Feng put on an apron and served all the food herself!

“Our wedding budget was £1500, but we went over this with our photographer and our rings”, began the bride. “Our rings were pretty expensive as they were custom made using fair-trade gold, recycled gold & conflict-free gems by Amanda Li Hope. We were married at Oxford Registry Office and our reception was in our tiny house in East Oxford.”

“To decorate the house we scoured the markets, car boot sales and charity shops, and raided my parent’s hoard of strange wooden objects”, Feng continued. “I made paper pompoms out of retro dress making patterns and flowers from David’s ‘Physics World’ Magazines – combining the two things that we both do. One of our best finds was a 50p Readers Digest atlas on which we printed all of our invites & turned into paper flowers. Although David didn’t take part in the DIY, he let me cut up his physics magazines and was a constant source of support and sage advice. He came back one day surprised that I’d painted chevrons all over the dining room wall! I was addicted to reading wedding blogs (especially Rock n Roll Bride) as a source of inspiration.”

“We wanted our wedding to be about us and avoid the cliché identikit wedding style”, she continued. “So rather than have a bride & groom sit on a throne, we enjoyed being very hands on preparing everything in advance to the day, and even up to the last minute when guests started arriving.”

Feng wore a vintage dress from Annie’s Vintage Clothing, Islington which she customised herself, a vintage kimono from Blitz Vintage, Brick Lane and Melissa shoes.

“I bought my dress from Annie’s Vintage in London – it was a gorgeous long evening dress in a heavy cream silk, but unfortunately was a tiny bit too short and slightly moth eaten in places. I happily cut it in two and sewed it back together again, creating a knee length dress and making sleeves from the excess fabric. I made my own fascinator & hair pins after months of fruitless searching. I’ve never dabbled in millinery but I thought it looked OK! The hair accessories worked well with the textured & dishevelled hairstyle that Rose Wallace created. I also got ready at her amazingly retro flat and she was brilliant at keeping my pre-wedding nerves at bay.”

“I’m an ethical fashion designer, and it was really important that this wedding was in keeping with this ethos. The outfits were chosen to have a life beyond the wedding day. Vintage and upcycling was a key theme, as was using fair trade products, organic and sustainable materials. Lucky for us, there’s a great fair-trade shop in Oxford.”

“We loved having such an intimate wedding, where we spent a decent amount of time talking to all our guests”, Feng concluded. “Transforming our living room into a reception venue was a fun challenge. Seeing it all come together on the day was very exciting, and knowing that guests were enjoying our wedding made us happy. We enjoyed having our portraits taken in local places, such as the grocery store, hardware store, and outside the artist studios where I work. It was a bit strange at first, especially having to kiss & cuddle in public, but we got used to it!”

So beautiful. Thank you to Feng & david for letting us in on their special day and thanks to the fan-bloomin-tastic photographer Laura McCluskey for sharing her photo gold.

Supporting Cast

Photography Credit: Laura McCluskey Photography
Ceremony Venue: Oxford Registry Office
Reception Venue: At Home
Bride’s Dress: Annie’s Vintage Clothing, Islington
Bride’s Kimono: Blitz Vintage, Brick Lane
Bride’s Shoes: Melissa
Groom’s Outfit: Jaeger, Jump the Gun
Flowers: Hilary Squire
Cake: Atsue Kawai
Hair: Rose Wallace


  1. I love everything about this – the idea, the foundation and the details. Well done Feng & David for being so cool and conscientious. Uber cool x

  2. Joanna Millington

    These are absolutely my favourite kind of weddings. Simple. Beautiful. And blow me Laura your pictures are amaaaaazing!!! x

  3. Sarah E

    Beautiful photographs Laura! You did it again :-) Absolutely love the phots of this wedding – what a gorgeous (and principled!) couple. So nice to see an intimate and joyful homemade wedding. x

  4. thanks so much for the lovely comments guys & to Kat for featuring this wedding. I loved shooting this wedding so much & it just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a beautiful day xxx

  5. Anna miners

    This may be my favourite wedding on here and one of the best set of photographs It just looks so Cosy and intimate The photograph with Laura and her dad and with the family is lovely. What a fabulous day

  6. Ooh I just had to look up what kind of cake that was: green tea? Yum…all the rest of the food looked so fresh and lovely too!

    And I loved every shot of those seamed pantyhose and and red heels. Such lovely details.

  7. Kirstin

    I love this wedding! Perfect in every way, and the pic of Feng and her dad just melted my heart, I love those kinda natural but emotion-filled shots!

  8. Shauna

    This wedding brought a tear to my eye. How adorable is the pic of the bride’s mum and dad holding hands? Awww! Simple, gorgeous and a true reflection of the couple themselves, which is what a wedding should be. Oh, and amaaaaaazing pics!

  9. vera

    This is beautiful !! Intimate, warm and lovely. Great pictures too! Congratulations Feng and David! Weddings these days have become an increasingly expensive affair and this shows how it can be done beautifully without breaking the bank.

  10. A simple yet magnificent portrayal of the love and honesty they share together, and in such an imaginative and intimate way. I want to be their friend. Brilliant.

  11. Wonderful wedding! I love how their ethics were at the forefront of everything they did, I wish we had been more conscious of such things with our wedding! Lovely wedding, thank you for sharing it with us x

  12. This is my the wedding that has touched me the most on Rock and Roll Bride! (I’ve been following the blog for years and I don’t think I’ve even commented before) but so beautiful! Such a lovely idea, great photography, it’s even made my eyes water a bit and usually I’m a cold hearted cow! Bravo! :) xxx


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