Something Borrowed, Something Roo: How to Pick a Wedding Theme

This month, Rock n Roll Intern Roo discusses about how to pick a wedding theme, and more importantly how to pick a theme that’s authentically you.

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Photography Credit: Wolftea

Optional (and recommended) prep work before reading this month’s post: go around your house and make a little mental (or physical, I’m easy) note of what you can see in the following hiding places: your wardrobe; your shoe collection; your fridge/pantry, and your cosmetics cupboard/dressing table. No matter how bare or brimming these areas of your nest are, I hope that you’ll begin to notice certain themes lurking in each. For example, although I’m a bird who doesn’t subscribe to wearing a lot of makeup, I do have a penchant for fabulous nail varnishes. My collection isn’t vast, but there’s an obvious trend; namely understated nudes, pastel pinks, and darker, cold hues with a hint of shimmer. There is no hint of neon to be found. Moving to my overly extensive wardrobe (which I am always ungratefully bored of) I see lots of natural tones – tans, browns, greys (the odd plum sweater, maybe) – splashes of velvet, cheeky peeks of Breton stripe, trimmings of lace and a few impractical “statement” pieces. Similarly with my shoes, I find cherry red (faux) snakeskin ankle boots nuzzling up next to my Vans Old Skools, who in turn drape a shoelace around my Melissa Lovefoxx sandals.  When asked to describe my style, I say it’s “Whatever”. It’s whatever I feel like, whatever the weather, whatever I want. In turn, I try to live my life by the mantra of my wardrobe, which becomes glaringly apparent when you look in our kitchen cupboards: scotch pancake ingredients, stuffing mix, cloudy lemonade, cinema sweet popcorn, potatoes, and tomato soup (we haven’t done our weekly shop yet, can you tell?).

To surmise, I’m not massively fond of abiding by things that are just supposed to be; when I eat a steak I like to lavish it in mayonnaise and I don’t care who sees, and if I want to wear Dr Martens with a tea dress then I will, because why should it matter? Some things are the way they are for a reason, but some things are the way they are because we’re told that they’re supposed to be.

Photography Credit: Sean Flanigan. Full wedding at RuffledBlog

If you’re a bride to-be and you’re reading this, then you and I are in very similar, very lucky positions. You’re at a fork in the road of your pre-married life where you could either get lost in a world of meringue corset dresses, organ music and “Boring Bride