Thursday Treats – 10th June 2010

Credit: via Loveshot

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the week again – Thursday Treats BABY! As you read this I will again be sat in that tattooist’s chair being all brave and getting my sleeve (hopefully) finished. I can’t wait to get there and I can’t wait to share it with you even more! It’s going to be epic. If you fancy a sneaky peek the check out this photo I snapped on my phone and tweeted the other day – yes that is a roll of film!

See you on the other side my friends…in the meantime, enjoy munching through this week’s tasty selection

♥ Thanks to the lovely Hi Fi Weddings for including me in their ‘Meet the Inspiration’ feature this week
♥ Also big thanks to Rachel Simpson of Rachel Simpson shoes for the lovely interview
♥ AND to Maker-Online for the interview as well – boy I don’t half get around do I?!
Dear Mainstream Wedding World: I’m Checking Out. Why? Why? Why? Britt I love you and your originality. Screw the haters!
Budgets are all relative and relatively irrelevant.
Chickens & the coolest casual bouquet I’ve seen
Cutest couple ever?!
Another stunning and fun boudoir session by French photographer Anissa Rahali
Grownup ring pops!
SERIOUSLY awesome but kinda gross ‘horror’ stationary - don’t look if you are of a nervous disposition, but omg I would love it if someone had this as their wedding stationary!
♥ Totally stunning ‘Pink Flower Room Spray’ art installation
♥ This charming (and kick ass) diy/tattoo heavy wedding is AMAZING!

Madonna for Louis Vuitton raw and unretouched. Normal people REJOICE! 
Incredible dresses!
♥ Sugalily’s amazing new ‘Rock Chick’ stationary range
Land o’ Love - I have such wedding envy!
♥ Gorgeous vintage indie wedding (and part 2)
Photographer Krista Keltanen
Achemy at the Barn
Retro Chic
Bethany’s gorgeous bridals
Hello Kitty Porcelain Figurines - Sorry but I approve!
♥ Real (and totally gorgeous) Vintage Wedding Gowns
Mod-tastic Real (Yellow) Wedding – Check out his moustache socks!

A yellow dress, a dog, poppies, pinecones, and a secret garden
One way, All the way - gorgeous Lamo inspired shoot
This art by Edith Lebeau is incredible
Wittnauer Champion 
Why I love balloons
Backyard Brooklyn wedding
♥ Before & after: desk + dresser
Pomp & Plumage
♥ So Your EnGAYged asks: Why Marriage?
A Stich in time

Scrabble, pom poms and a big yellow (bowed) clutch bag
Merrily in Love
♥ I love this wide mesh veil
Sweet Stockholm Wedding
Emma Case interviews Noa from Featherlove Photography
Polaroid stylee photo booth fun
Classic and beautiful New Jersey wedding
♥ One of my favourite Gala Darling outfits, like, ever ! Psychedelic 1950s schoolteacher chic

♥ Damn I love Monachetti’s wedding videos! ♥

Denaye and David from Monachetti on Vimeo.


  1. The red heart logo with the word LOVE on it looks very romantic and quite a useful prop in the shoot. I’m now thinking of making one. Great post.


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