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Unpretentious & Family-Focused DIY Wedding in Anglesey: Anna & Adam

DIY family Anglesey beach wedding - Nick Tucker - 063

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to featuring Anna and Adam’s wedding for a while. Anna is a wedding photographer herself, and I’m a big fan of her work, so I knew her own wedding would be something special. The wedding was 100% DIY. They picked a venue that wasn’t specifically for weddings, but meant a great deal for them. They didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so did most things as frugally as possible. Their main concern was that the day involved all the special people in their lives.

DIY family Anglesey beach wedding - Nick Tucker - 067

The wedding took place by the sea in Anglesey in May. “We didn’t have a wedding theme as such”, began Anna, “we just wanted it to be colourful, relaxed, fun, full of laughs, unpretentious, family-focused and very much DIY and personalised to us and the people and things we love. We wanted everyone there to feel special and comfortable and get involved as much as they wanted to. Lots of weddings focus just on the bride and groom, but to us it was also very much a day about our wonderful group of friends and family. We’re both incredibly close to them and it was really important to us to celebrate the fact that we weren’t just coming together as a couple, but also as part of a precious larger community.”

DIY family Anglesey beach wedding - Emma Case - 011

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Homemade Wedding at Asylum Chapel: Alex & Alana


Alex and Alana were married at Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London. I’ve featured weddings in this amazing space before, but it’s hard to me to resist it’s charms! After their ceremony and main reception at the chapel, they invited their guests to East Dulwich Tavern for a low-key after party.

“The inspiration for the wedding was our venue”, began the bride. “We visited a few other places in south east London the same day, but we wanted this one as soon as we saw it. The history and rawness of the space was inspiring, and we liked the fact that the artists who run the space use the weddings to fund community art exhibitions.”


Six-month pregnant Alana wore a beautiful Alice Temperley gown with a homemade flower crown. All the flowers in the wedding were grown by the bride and the groom’s mother and stepfather, which not only saved money but made them extra special.


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Stylish London Wedding: Daf & Victoria


Daf and Victoria’s wedding was a double celebration. After a long time trying, Victoria finally got pregnant through IVF and so she was four month’s gone for the big day. They were married on 13th April, the groom’s birthday! Victoria explains, “Our wedding had been on hold while we went through a tedious long IVF process but we got to Christmas and decided we were so fed up of waiting and needed something to look forward to so decided to quickly plan it for four months later. We then had success with the IVF so I got to walk up the aisle four months pregnant! It’s been an amazing year all round!”


Victoria looked radiant in an Alexander McQueen dress, vintage Manolo Blahnik shoes and a Jenny Packham headpiece and jewellery.

“We really wanted a unique wedding venue that suited us and our friends for a great party and celebration”, she continued. “Brunswick House was our local Sunday brunch spot and the house, owned by Lassco reclamation, is one of our favourite places stuffed full of strange and quirky antiquities. We loved the informality of the house and how that influenced the atmosphere of the whole wedding. People were sat among all the wonderful antique furniture and stuffed animals, dinner was laid up on four huge long tables and was large sharing plates of wild sea trout and new potatoes to start, followed by rare Welsh lamb. Dessert was served upstairs – glasses of rhubarb syllabub and apple snow during the speeches.”


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Colourful End of Summer DIY Wedding: Brad & Christie

Fun DIY Wedding - David Campbell Imagery  (54)

Brad & Christie planned their wedding themselves with the help of close friends and family. The day took place in March at The Gap Bluff Centre in Watsons Bay, Sydney. They couple had decided to try for a baby before they got engaged and so as a result, the bride was seven month’s pregnant on the wedding day!

Fun DIY Wedding - David Campbell Imagery  (18)

“With a bub on the way we wanted to keep our purse strings as tight as possible, so I basically DIYed the whole wedding”, explained Christie. “I had mum making tissue paper pom poms for weeks and I used scrap fabric to make my own tablecloths & decorative bunting, as well as the groomsmen’s ribbon corsages. What I couldn’t make by hand was sourced online including the honeycomb garlands and the oversized balloons.”

Fun DIY Wedding - David Campbell Imagery  (30)

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An Upstate New York Wedding with a Bun in the Oven: Faith & Chris


Faith & Chris were married at Camp Brockway in Pratt’s Falls, NY. The theme of the day revolved around birds, but more than that it revolved around the love and the fact that the two of them were committing their lives to each other. After a touching outdoor ceremony, the couple enjoyed some time having their photos taken by Love Me Do Photography.


“My favorite part of the day was probably when we were taking pictures with Love Me Do,” wrote Faith. “It was such a nice way to spend those last betrothed moments away from all the matrimonial madness just posing for portraits in the woods with each other. It felt so natural and I think the photos really show that.”


“I guess I’d just like to add that I’ve always wished for Prince Charming to come sweep me off my feet and give me the wedding of my dreams. Some things really are worth the wait and after our incredibly long courtship and year and a half engagement, the pay off couldn’t be sweeter. Chris and I both feel like the luckiest people on earth and are so excited to be starting our family with the love and support of all of our friends and family. August 20th was the most special day we’ve ever shared and are so grateful to everyone who helped us make it so memorable, especially Momma and Poppa Tyler.”


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Dianne & Andrew’s Intimate, Backyard Shotgun Wedding

When Dianne & Andrew’s wedding landed smack bang in my inbox, alongside the email from their awesome photographer Jonathan Canlas which read “I think this wedding is RIGHT up your alley, 7 month’s pregnant bride and SUPER Rock n Roll” I was a little bit excited. Was I right to be? Hell YES baby!

I have to say, I’m actually a little bit honoured to feature this wedding. Not just because clearly the photographs and the wedding are gorgeous, but because the family appear to have gone through so much, yet come out happier and healthier on the other side. The bride explained;

“Wow, this turned into a huge undertaking answering all the questions.  I am glad that you asked them, because while you only will take the links from the answers, it forced me to write about my wedding which I had been putting off due to taking care of my baby and frankly, being so damn tired, this was the last thing I wanted to write about.  Which is sad, because the fact that my husband and I made it to a wedding day is no small feat.”

“In the last year, we have dealt with drug addiction, rehab, an accidental pregnancy, sobriety, a wedding, and a few weeks later, our son.  I loved answering all these questions because it reminded me that just because our situation is far from what is typically considered ideal, it is ideal for us, and I would not have changed a thing about it.  I will be sure to mention you on my blog, your site is a righteous reminder that where love and beauty can be found is not always on a magazine stand in the check out line.”

Humbling. So humbling.

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