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Under the Spotlight – JoAnne Dunn


Oh yeah baby, I am excited about this post! As I’m sure most of you will have seen and loved, I blogged this amazing punk-rock inspired shoot last week photographed by the amazing Italian photographer JoAnne Dunn. Not only am I the luckiest blogger in the whole of blog-land to have been able to share them with you (can you tell – I really really loved them!?) but JoAnne has also been lovely enough to let me interview her for your reading pleasure. OK enough gushing now, let’s get on with the show…

Who are you and what do you do?

JoAnne Dunn – personal photographer and part time match maker

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

The globe


What are Italian weddings like?

Italian weddings are serious affairs and many people wear black. They do not have speeches and there is not always dancing. They give small gifts to their guest to say thank you. The main activity during Italian weddings is eating. There can be up to ten courses with lemon sorbet between the fish and meat. Need I say more? There are exceptions to this rule. And this summer I finally went to a few Italian weddings which were a huge amount of fun.

For quite a few years now I have preferred not to do Italian weddings. Just because they were sometimes a little too formal and dry. Everyone seemed annoyed to be attending, even the bride and groom. But lately I have found there to be a new hybrid of Italian brides on the loose. She is over the ringlets and eating. And she has an absolute ball on her wedding day. She encourages dancing with beautiful Brazilian dancers and by having a good time herself. More and more they are choosing informal venues, even venues which you get to by boat.


Are most of your weddings destination to Italy or locals? How do the weddings differ?

Five years ago I did 90% foreigners who came to Italy to get married. I did very few Italian weddings because they just did not get me. Fortunately they got me just in time as the crisis hit. I now do about 40% foreigners and the rest are about of enthusiastic Italians. Who would have imagined. We shoot the whole of Italy and do a couple in Greece every year. Weddings are very important to Italians and their view how weddings should be have completely changed. I also make an eccentric addition to their wedding.


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Italian Style – The Punk of Wedding Photography

I was sent a collection of bridal fashion shoots from Italian photographer Joanne Dunn the other day and I have to say I fell in love immediately.  She describes her work as “personal fusion photography—the punk of wedding photography”, and boy can I see why. These chicks are certainly Rock n Roll baby! 

The Italians are notoriously painfully stylish and ahead of the game and these shots definitely prove that to me – the black and white palate, the crimped hair, the tiered dress  – all scream high fashion bridal style for 2010.

Edit: the stunning dresses were made by local (Italian) dressmaker Giovanna Albano who can be contacted on 0039 081961898 or 0039 335 8004824


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Under the Spotlight – Rosie Parsons

rosie thumbnail

I love sharing the work of photographers and wedding vendors that not only really really rock, but who I definitely think you need to use for your own wedding! Rosie Parsons not only fits into this category but is someone I consider one of the best friends I’ve made since starting Rock n Roll Bride! Not only is she kicking some serious ass in the UK wedding world at the moment (she was featured in the same issue of Cosmopolitan Bride as me this month – with two of her weddings being used and with her taking part in a feature about how to love the camera) but she was also the genius eye behind one of my favourite ever photo shoots (so much so I use one of the images as my profile picture everywhere!) 

Anyway, enough gushing, let’s get on with the interview shall we!?

 Rock n Roll Rosie 001

Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Rosie Parsons and I’m a wedding photographer who loves to shoot in a relaxed, creative and unobtrusive style.

Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

We’ve just moved South Westerly from Bristol and are now based near Exeter in Devon – however I do get booked for weddings all over the country and abroad. Last year I photographed one wedding up in Edinburgh shortly followed by a week long trip to shoot a destination wedding in Lake Garda which were both lovely! I don’t charge travel costs as long as the wedding is in the UK, and if it’s abroad I’m happy to come as long as travel costs and accommodation are covered!

Rock n Roll Rosie 017

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Oh the prettiness! Sean Flanigan is one of those photographers who I look at his work and think he’s pretty unattainable for little Rock n Roll Bride. You know, one of those cool guys who always gets featured on the biggest and best wedding blogs. But low and behold, this morning I received an email from him asking if I wanted to be the one  to feature his newest day after session – taken in Florence, Italy! I think my exact words were ‘Errrm hell to the yes!’

Cool I know.


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Retro Italy Engagements

Janel & Jim are one of those couple’s the completely ooze cool. Their retro style – vespas, rockabilly hair, vans, pin up shoes and a teeny tiny dog – played huge part in their engagament session. Stay tuned for their gorgeous ‘retro Italian’ themed wedding next!

Credit: Skye Blu Photography