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Urban Bohemian Wedding: Kristin & Eric

urban christmas bohemian wedding19

Kristin and Eric were married on 28th December and so they wanted their wedding to have a festive, gilded vibe. They day was held at 1927 Events, a historic space in Seattle. “The time of year really guided our choices”, wrote the bride. “We always wanted a wedding close to the holidays, so we really went for a romantic cocktail and dinner party vibe rather than a wedding. We wanted it to feel really informal instead of the traditional agenda burdened wedding.”

urban christmas bohemian wedding10

“I’ve had several people tell me how connected they felt to Eric and me that night and that they weren’t just audience members watching from afar”, she continued. “That made me feel like our wedding was so special. In fact my favorite thing about our wedding was how much me and Eric just felt like hosts of a great party celebrating our marriage. We wanted to create a party for people and not a formal gathering. We cherished all our guests and wanted them all to feel important, and also have an amazing time. ”

urban christmas bohemian wedding28

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Teeny Tiny Devon Wedding at The Summerhouse: Katie & Dan


Katie and Dan had a teeny tiny wedding (just them and their parents!) at The Summerhouse on the Millbrook Estate in Devon in December. Because they kept their guest list so small, they were able to do exactly what they wanted and to pull it all off for under £8000!

Their smaller than average budget certainly didn’t mean they had to compromise on the things that really wanted. Katie had a custom wedding dress made by Jo at The Couture Company and they booked the amazing Shell de Mar to shoot the day.


“We met Christmas 2007 through a mutual friend”, began Katie. “We had our first date in November 2008 at Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market and a year later Dan proposed at the Christmas Market, we celebrated our engagement with Glühwein and tiny pancakes covered in melted Nutella. With Christmas being such a defining time in our relationship already, we decided to get married on 14th December 2013 and to have a rustic, vintage and Christmas themed wedding! We just wanted cosy and laid back, we like to think we achieved that.”


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Sneaker Themed Wedding in The Philippines: JQ & Barbie


I’ve got a really fun and unique wedding for you today and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love it. In all my years of wedding blogging I’v certainly never seen a sneaker themed wedding!

“We wanted our wedding to really be a reflection of us and our favorite things”, wrote the bride. “Since we are both avid sneaker fans and collectors, it was only fitting that we wear sneakers, specifically Air Jordans, to our wedding. We joke that the theme that day was ‘Love Is In the Air (Jordans)’. Our wedding invitation also incorporated Nike’s tag line ‘Just Do It’ with the highlighted words ‘I Do’. The sneaker theme represents more than just our shared passion for shoes. It also serves as a reminder of our walk with God, first as individuals, and then as the ‘perfect pair’.”


“I know a lot of brides that want to feel particularly poised and elegant on their wedding day, but we were more focused on making sure that we were comfortable and we were going to have fun”, she continued. “Having our entire bridal entourage wear basketball shoes to our wedding, plus our 200+ guests, was going to require a little convincing. Thankfully, everyone was in on the theme and we didn’t have a hard time telling them to wear kicks. It was awesome. We were basketball fans, but even then it still came as a huge surprise when he proposed to me during half time at a Lakers game in Los Angeles (he got down on one knee and asked me to be his ‘Barbie Q’ since his last name was Quizan. I seriously thought he wanted to go to a barbecue!”.


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Christmas Love & Sparkle

christmas henry

Whatever you’re up to tomorrow I hope you have a fantastic day full of love and laughter. We’re off to my parent’s house tonight (I’m making cocktails – yey!) and tomorrow we’re back there for all the traditional fare. I’m particularly looking forward to the homemade cracker game that Gareth had put together (!) Who knew I married someone so creative?!

Henry & Rachel will be doing their usual excited antics of playing with wrapping paper, sitting in boxes and knocking as many baubles (yes I have glitter skull ones obviously) off the tree as possible.

Lots of love & Christmas sparkle

Kat, Gareth, Henry & Rachel

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Thursday Treats: I Think I’m a Christmas Scrooge

Dear reader I have a terrible confession and I hope you’ll still love me after I admit this but…

I think I’m a Christmas Scrooge.

I’m not a huge fan of Christmas trees (they make a mess), I don’t like turkey (too dry), Christmas pudding (gross) or mulled wine (vom)… BUT I do love glitter, tinsel, brussel sprouts (go figure), crackers (& the silly hats), snow and presents (giving and erm… receiving). HO HUM. I think maybe it’s the forced joyfulness. I’m generally a very joyful and positive person but I definitely don’t like being TOLD to be joyful!

I do however get VERY excited on Christmas morning. I’m always the first up in our house (5am is standard) but it’s the build up that bugs me. Maybe because in my shopping telly days the Christmas set went up in the first week of October and by December 25th I was sick of the sight of all things festive. I was actually exactly the same with the Royal wedding now I come to think of it. I was ‘well over it’ beforehand but on the morning of the big day I got up excitedly and watched the whole BBC coverage from start to finish squealing “I love weddings!” at every opportunity.

Are you nearly ready for Christmas? What do you like and not really like about this time of year (seriously, does anyone actually LIKE turkey?!)

In wedding-land this week it’s full steam ahead. As always there’s been some pretty epic weddingness and I wholeheartedly approve.

Weddings & Weddingy Things

♥ Orcutt ranch wedding
Cute Brooklyn wedding with a pregnant bride
Outdoor Spanish wedding (LOVE!)
♥ I loved Dita Von Teese’s purple wedding dress and his homage is gorgeous!
♥ Ryan & Joshua’s e-shoot is too cute
A weekend wedding in the country (& part two)
♥ Woodsy wedding 
♥ Intimate backyard harvest wedding

Photography Credit: Joey Kennedy

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Retro Christmas Wedding: Marian & Michael

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling exceedingly festive this year. I love Christmas, but usually the build up isn’t my favourite bit – I tend to get a bit bored of it all! But not this year! I’m loving all things Crimbo and I’m so excited for the 25th December already! Now, I hope I don’t have any Christmas Grinches reading, but on the off chance that I do, Marian & Michael’s retro Christmas wedding is sure to banish those blues and get you SLAP BANG into the holiday spirit…

The wedding took place on 17th December 2011 at Preservation Park in Oakland, CA.”A deciding factor in holding our wedding at Preservation Park is the long time family connection to the property”, explained the bride. “My mother first brought us to Preservation Park over twenty years ago, even before the property officially opened. I remember the preview party and imagining living in the beautiful old homes, and thinking that the business park looked like it was part of the Mary Poppins movie set. I barely recall a time when we, as part of the family floristry business, didn’t decorate there for the holidays. When my mother passed in 2000 and my sister took over the business, we continued the tradition of spending time the during Thanksgiving week putting up garland and bringing that holiday cheer to downtown Oakland. Holding the ceremony and reception there, it felt like Mom was truly with us; as though she might pop her head out from around a corner at any time. It was a very special way to have her be a part of my big day and to feel her happy presence with us as I walked down the aisle and danced the night away.”

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