Jewish Tropical Tea Party Wedding

Trevor Mark Photo

October 25, 2022

Tropical florals, pies instead of a cake, a dinosaur cake topper and bridesmaid robes made out of vintage, sustainable fabric were just a few of the things which made Julia and Daniel’s wedding feel very ‘them’. The couple, who met through a mutual friend, were married in New Orleans in May.

They were also inspired by the mismatched coloured goblets and décor at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. “We visited the hotel last year and it reminded me that I wanted to have a lot of very bright pink in our wedding”, the bride said. “Life is short, it’s better to have lots of colour!”

The Jewish ceremony was led by the bride’s godmother and was held udder a chuppah decorated in the same tropical flowers and greenery, The bridal party and Daniel walked in with both his parents to Al Green’s What a Wonderful Thing Love Is. “We also had two ‘grown-up’ friends be our flower people”, the bride continued. “They were both very over the top (which I think the pictures reflect) and it was perfect! I walked in with both my parents to Edith Piaf’s original La Vie En Rose. We wrote our own vows and then we kissed to Hot 8 Brass Band’s version of Sexual Healing!”

Of their $50,000 budget, their biggest cost was food and drink because it was important to them that everyone had a great time and they love good food! “Though we still spent a fair amount, we saved a lot by just offering beer and wine and one cocktail (that could also be made as a mocktail) as alcoholic beverages.” They also had their wedding on a Sunday which helped save money on the venue hire.

“The hardest part of wedding planning was narrowing down the guest list”, Julia concluded. “We wanted to invite the whole world, but couldn’t do that! I also really had to narrow down my wedding inspiration blog consumption, because there was just so much toxicity revolving around being ‘the perfect bride’, notably around weight loss. There was so much pressure for that, but Rock n Roll Bride helped remind me that the whole point was getting married as yourself, just the way you are. I realise that I write this as a mid-sized woman, but it just goes to show you exactly how fatphobic most wedding content (and our general society!) can be. Thank you Rock n Roll Bride for, ya’ll are the best!”