Bicycle Themed Autumn Wedding in Denmark

Storybook Studio

December 13, 2021

Sanne and Asger planned everything themselves for their October wedding. It took a long time, but they wouldn’t have had it any other way. The groom’s love of biking and bicycles and the bride’s love of autumnal colours and flowers set the theme for the day, which was held at Kasmoselund, a farm and coffee roastery. The groom and best man even arrived to the ceremony by bicycle!

“We started with the reception at 2pm with bubbles and cake from an award-winning local chocolatier”, Sanne told us. “After the reception, Asger and I changed outfits for the ceremony, which took place in the garden. At 5:30pm we gathered up by tall, round tables and stood up for the starter. We ate hardboiled eggs with our fingers, drank beer from the bottles and our guests were offered different schnapps – heather, dill, seabuckthorn.”

“The ceremony began to the sound of Queen’s Bicycle Race“, she continued. “Asger and his best man arrived by bicycle and we had handed out bells for the guests to ring them all the way up ‘the aisle’. Then, as a surprise, I arranged for the DJ to play Asger’s favourite song by TOTO, Stop Loving You, and I had sent the lyrics to all the guests and asked them if they could stand up and sing along. I also brought a banner in the same design as the invitations saying ‘I love you so hard’ because Asger once – accidently – said ‘I love you hard’ instead of ‘I love you so much’, and we laughed about it so it was my secret greeting to him on a day.”

The paper goods were something really important to this bride, who loves stationery. She designed the invitations, name tags and menus so they could include personal details such as the groom’s love for bicycles and the bride’s love of autumn. They also had a Kate Spade bridal keepsake box for the thank you cards. Their guestbook was from Fox and Fallow. “We also had a lot of stickers, cut-outs, pens and glue to make it easier for the guest to make a personal note”, she explained. “It is not easy for everyone to sit down and write something, so we decided to help them be creative.”

Other DIY details included 55 gearing wheels which Asher polished up to use as napkin holders and all of the signs and boards. They also went to second-hand shops and bought old bike jerseys, handlebars, bike-caps, water-bottles and retro-helmets to use in the photo booth.

“The best moment of the day was the moment I saw Asger with tears in his eyes in the beginning of the ceremony”, the bride concluded. “And afterwards in the woods, doing our photos.”

“The entire wedding ceremony was a highlight”, Asger agreed. “Also the small flash Sanne arranged of everyone signing Stop Loving You by TOTO. I’m a huge TOTO fan, so this was perfect and I was moved with tears.”