Fleetwood Mac, Hippies and Floral Embroidery

Gabriel Ggalvani

November 9, 2016


If you don’t want to wear white, if you want to show off your tattoos, if you love the fashion of Fleetwood Mac… then this lookbook shoot and video for Brazilian designer Lourdinha Toyama is going to be right up your street.

lourdinha-noyama-lookbook-5-of-50 lourdinha-noyama-lookbook-18-of-50

“This shoot was to show that a bride MUST show her tattoos and be fearless!” said photographer Gabriel Galvani. “We were inspired by flowers, hippies and, of course, Rock n Roll! We wanted it to feel like the models were members of Fleetwood Mac alongside delicate hippy flowers and with western ornaments. Glamour, luxury and tattoos!”

lourdinha-noyama-lookbook-40-of-50 lourdinha-noyama-lookbook-47-of-50

“We want to show brides that, beyond attitude, there is a possibility to transform any dress in an amazing wedding dress. BRIDES DON’T NEED TO WEAR WHITE! They can invest in any dress that they love and they don’t just have to wear it for one day. Wear it whenever you like – rock it!”