12 Ways To Play with Fire On Your Wedding Day

November 2, 2014


It’s just a few days until Bonfire night in Britain. On 5th November we ‘celebrate’ Guy Fawkes almost blowing up the Houses of Parliament with fireworks, bonfires and, unusually, by eating piping hot jacket potatoes. I know, it’s weird, but it also pretty fun! It’s perfect time to bundle up warm and go “oooh!” and “aaah!” at pretty lights in the sky.

No doubt about it, companies that organise Fireworks for weddings charge a LOT, but there are plenty of other ways to start your marriage with a whoosh and a bang!

1. Carry a smoking-hot bouquet (don’t forget the fire extinguisher!)

Baa Baa Bad Bride

Source: A Baa Baa Bad Bridal Shoot

2. Prepare a pretty floral fire

Shamanic wedding ceremony in Guatemala17

Source: A Shamanic Wedding Ceremony In Guatemala

3. Leave through an aisle of sparklers

very cool Cornish wedding_Ed Godden-280

Source: Quirky Cool Cornish Wedding

4. Or use them as accent lighting


Source: A DIY Disney Themed Wedding with Cats, Glitter, Tattoos & Elvis

5. Hire spectacular fire-breathers


Source: Purple, Dinosaurs & Peacocks

6. Or even a fire-breathing officiant!


Source: Vegan Vintage Sideshow Wedding

7. Keep warm with an evening bonfire


Source: Three-Fold

8. But don’t get too close to the flames!


Source: Snow White

9. Set off smoke-bombs in the woods


Source: Giant Nests, Smoke Machines & a Bath of Feathers

10. And spell out your love in fire


Source: A Burning Man Inspired Wedding

11. Close the night with fireworks

carnival wedding34

Source: A DIY Carnival Wedding At Home

12. Then let the sparks really fly


Source: A Festival Tipi Wedding On The Family Farm