Bohemian Steampunk Wedding Inspiration from France

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

If I’m being 100% truthful, I’ve been a little bit over styled wedding shoots for a while now. Some of you might have noticed that I share less and less of them on my site these days. In the most part it’s actually because I simply have too many awesome weddings I want to share instead (yay!) but in others its because there really are a lot of boring shoots being produced. Harsh but true!

Mariage Steampunk bohème par Madame Coquelicot & Poppy Figue Flower

No such words can be uttered about this steampunk-y boho-y shoot that was sent to me recently though. Warehouses! Coloured smoke bombs! Hipster models! Rad ink! Rainbows! A skateboarding bride!

There’s so much good stuff in here I almost don’t know where to begin.

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

French photographer Floriane Caux, told me all about it. “Wedding planner Madame Coquelicot and I have been thinking about doing a wedding inspiration photo shoot which would be fun, Rock n Roll and very special for a long time. We didn’t want to do something that had been seen or done before.”

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

“I really wanted to do something with a steampunk influence. Unfortunately, weddings are still quite traditional here in France. As we wanted to inspire brides and grooms, we decided to create something original by adding a rock and boho style to the photo shoot keeping some steampunk inspiration. Mixing and matching is the best thing to do to achieve something very personal!”

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

Poppy Figue Flower, one of the best florists in Toulouse, joined us on this adventure which turned out beautifully. Our brilliant team was only composed by young artists from in and around Toulouse. They were amazingly involved in this project and everyone was absolutely perfect! Elsa Gary, who is a French designer, lent us three wedding dresses from her new 2015 secret collection called ‘Les jolies Filles’ and Charlie Baudeigne, our designer and illustrator did amazing work on invitation cards, menus and other beautiful things. Julie Séguélas Piquemal who is a talented jeweller, made two beautiful rings especially for us. We were delighted to work with The Cake, a great cake designer who is from Manchester but now lives in Toulouse.”

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

“We wanted something fun, colourful with a slightly dark atmosphere. It finally all came together when we found the abandoned factory in the Pyrenees and our four wonderful models. It was a really good experience working all together on a unique project having the same goal: doing something different!”

Shooting inspiration Steampunk - Madame Coquelicot - Poppy Figue

What do you think? Are you a bit bored of all the styled shoots you see on wedding blogs too? What would it take to get you really excited?



  1. I agree most wedding shoots are boring, it is the same old poses the same old settings. As a new wedding photographer I am always looking for unique ways to shoot a wedding so that it is personal to the bride and groom – your site has helped on so many levels from what not to do to creative ways to make that special day even more special. thanks for that.

  2. I so agree with this!!!! (sorry for spelling mistakes – I live in Florida now but I’m a photographer from Brazil)
    I don’t do styled photo shoot very often but I always say to our real brides to be that for their engagement photos or pos wedding photos they could try something totally crazy for them… Is a chance to use this super cool white dress that she would not use on the wedding day. Is a chance to use this fun make up that you would not use very often. Its a photo shoot, you can play and be creative… Go to different places try whatever they want! They could be flying, diving or riding an unicorn.
    No limits on photo shoots for real brides too!!!


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