Seven Easy Tips For Creating an Amazing About Page Inspired by Online Dating

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September 10, 2013


Almost every photographer I know hates writing their About Me page. I confess, I used to be the same. I can merrily write about anything else but writing directly about myself makes me C R I N G E. I’m putting a cushion over my head now just thinking about it. If you feel the same then think about it this way… your About Me is just like an online dating profile. You’re trying to attract potential clients – but more than that, the ideal match of client for you.

Next to the homepage, the About section of your website will be the most frequently viewed on your site. If a potential client likes your work they’ll next want to know a little bit more about the person behind the lens. One of the worst things you can do is leave this part out. Couples have a lot of choice when it comes to their wedding photographer, so they will more than likely end up booking one that they feel a connection with. According to the amazing wedding industry resource Think Splendid, 45% of couples with premium wedding budgets say the possibility of becoming friends with their wedding professionals factors into deciding who to hire.

Unfortunately there are not many places you can go to for inspiration on how or what to write on an About page. In fact so many people simply look at what their competitors have written and cobble together something similar. I also frequently hear about wedding suppliers posting direct copies from other people’s sites – which seems crazy… more than anything else on your site, your About Me needs to be 100% authentic. I guess it is sheer panic that leads newbies to tactics like this. After all, it’s not very British to want to toot your own horn is it?

When it came to writing my About page I started to think about online dating profiles…. there are loads of resources out there designed at helping singles write a decent one so let’s steal a few tips from them instead.


Tip #1 Get dressed up

It sounds weird but if you sit down to write in your PJs with unbrushed hair, you’re unlikely to get in the professional zone. Putting on a suit might be too extreme but your favourite top and a squiz of perfume will immediately put you in a better frame of mind to write creatively.

Tip #2 Have a great profile picture

You may be a photographer because you prefer to hide behind the lens or a designer because you like to be behind a computer, but you must must must have a decent photo of yourself attached to your profile. People relate to faces so show yours!

Express your personality through the photo you choose… and you don’t need to have a camera in your hand if you’re a photographer, we already know that, don’t let this be the only thing that defines you.

Tip #3 Don’t tell people what you’re like, show them what you’re like

A list of your attributes is not very interesting to read. If you have a good sense of humour, tell us something funny, don’t write “I’m funny”. Grab people’s interest by being engaging and demonstrate your personality rather than describe it.


Tip #4 Include the basics

One of the things I always see missed out from About pages is the basic – but important – information. You need to assume that people reading your page know nothing about you so don’t forget to include things like where you are based, what areas you cover and if you’re a boy or a girl (although your profile photo should help with this last point!)

Tip #5 Get a friend’s help

If you are really struggling, then this is a great tactic. Instead of trying to think how to describe yourself, think what your best friend might say about you – even better, ask them! We naturally find it easier to focus on our faults but other people see our best bits. Your About page should start off in the first person and the more official bio section should be in the third. It will appear pompous if the whole thing is written like that though.

Tip #6 Show off your best bits

This is not the time to hide your successes under the nearest bush. Make sure you shout about any awards or achievements you are proud of. Remember, these are the things that set you apart from your competitors. If you haven’t won any awards or been featured anywhere, what are you waiting for? There are so many awards and competitions for wedding suppliers, many of them specifically for newbies. Wedding magazines and blogs are also constantly on the lookout for fresh content so stop procrastinating on that submission, and send it in already!

Tip #7 Don’t wait until everything is perfect – you’ll be waiting forever!

A wise person once said, “perfectionism is procrastination”. If you’re waiting for it to be perfect before you share it you’ll be waiting forever! Like anything, your About page should be a constantly evolving thing so also remember to update it regularly. If, after some time, you find you are attracting the wrong kind of clients for you, then tweak it. Think about how you are coming across. If all your enquiries are for the same old chain hotel function room weddings, and this isn’t what you want to be shooting, then ask yourself, what is it on your website that is attracting these bookings?


Writing your About Me page shouldn’t be a scary prospect, think of it as a fun challenge. Use it to carve out and share your very best self and to attract the kinds of clients you really want to be working with. Remember, if you don’t tell people how great you are, no-one else is going to!

As some extra homework, Gala Darling did an amazing talk for NEPABlogCon last year called “Three Things Bloggers Don’t Want To Do” where she talks about writing a great About page. Go and check it out and then get cracking on yours right away!

About the Author

Lisa Devlin is a wedding photographer from Brighton and a regular contributor to The Green Room. She has done several talks on her photography including at B & H Photo in New York and in London for Hasselblad. She runs the inspirational Photography Farm workshops for wedding photographers. The next 3-day long Photography Farm taking place from the 24th-26th September and she is soon to launch The Barn, the UK’s first comprehensive online training resource for wedding photographersIf you are interested in attending the Photography Farm you can contact Lisa on or call 01273231047.