Bollywood Palm Springs Wedding: Carla & Daniel

AbiQ Photography

February 13, 2013


Using influences from around the world, Carla & Daniel wanted their Palm Springs wedding to be eclectic but relaxed.

“We really wanted our wedding to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere that reflected how we connect a couple”, explained the bride. “I work in the wedding industry myself and so people assumed that as soon as we were engaged I’d have every detail planned, but it was actually the exact opposite! All I knew was that I wanted something different for our wedding and I knew just the people for the job. My sister and I launched our own wedding business, Wedding Collectibles, a few years ago. Our event design & planners Sugar & Fluff were some of the first contacts and friends that we made when we first started.”


The venue was Alcazar Hotel in Palm Springs. With a passion for Bollywood, Carla asked her stylists if this would work as a theme and they seamlessly incorporated it in with the Spanish and Moroccan vibe of the space. “We decided to do a weekend getaway for close family and friends in Palm Springs,” Carla continued. “Guest flew in from all over the world and it was a great weekend for everyone to bond and enjoy the weekend wedding festivities.”


“We were so excited to find the entire hotel would be ours for the weekend which made it all the more fun! All the invitation design ideas, the jewel tone wedding colors, Moroccan/Indian style décor, lounge layout – everything was done by Sugar & Fluff. I pretty much arrived at my wedding not knowing what it was going to look like but I trusted them completely. Our centerpieces incorporated the jewel color palette as well as texture with artichokes, berries and mercury faceted vases.”


“Guests entered to a statement installation at the waterfall façade with custom laser cut monograms and garlands dressing custom artwork. The painting was made by my brother in law which made it all the more sweet and heartfelt. To keep in tune to the Bollywood flare, Sugar & Fluff arranged a surprise dance for us as we made our grand entrance. They also filled the pool with lush flowers to give a dramatic Bollywood touch. Later at night, a screen showed classic Bollywood films.”


“The thing that really made our wedding a success was the fact that its creation was such a team effort between our friends and family”, Carla concluded. “Watching everyone come together to help us was amazing. We not only had Tarek, Aasim, and Andrea from Sugar & Fluff to help us with the design, décor and planning, but also our friends Tareq from Hidden Café, Phillip from Patty’s Cakes, Jessica from MaryMe Bridal, DJs Ann and Monica, and Michael from Kades Staffing.”


Beautiful! Thank you to Carla & Daniel and  Sugar & Fluff for sharing this wedding with us today.