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Bollywood Inspired Wedding in Italy


Francesca Vecchi

April 11, 2024

Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your partner, that's step one when it comes to planning a rock n' roll wedding! One of our favourite ways to do this is to look to both of your heritages and pull references from both sides, creating a really personal, perfect blend of the two of you. That's exactly what Pietro and Ilaria, who got married in Parma, Italy did. Creating a day that was a fusion between India and Italy, meant they had incredible food and wedding style from Italy, paired with all the colours, dances, and vibes from India.

Elegant Irish Meets Bollywood Fusion Wedding


Laura Rhian

August 6, 2019

They met online, on a music sharing website, when the bride was 16 and the groom, 17. They bonded over their mutual appreciation for the same music and even though Soraya lived in Northern Ireland and Koysor in Birmingham they became firm friends. They finally met in person five months later when Soyaya was over in London for a visit. Koysor travelled down to meet her and they became boyfriend and girlfriend (aww).

Don’t Tell The Bride: Vibrant Bollywood Wedding in Brighton


Fleming Photo

December 14, 2015

I'll admit, I don't always watch BBC Three's Don't Tell The Bride, but I'm so glad I caught Rosa and Harry's episode. In fact it's probably my favourite wedding that's ever been featured! For those of you that don't know, the premise of the show is the couple get £12,000 to spend on their wedding, the proviso being that the groom does all of the planning... in three weeks! The couple are separated for that time and bride can know nothing about the wedding until the day. Cue ridiculously bad decisions, overspending on crazy things and tears... lots of tears. This is reality TV gold my friends.