Post It Notes: 2nd December 2011: Evolving Your Business and Staying Ahead of the Competition

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I was asked by Rachel at the School of Rock (n Roll Bride) on Friday why, if blogs and online media are gaining popularity, I had decided to do a print magazine. “Well,” I responded, “print certainly isn’t dead, it’s just changing… evolving… and that’s something I want to be a part of. I don’t see Rock n Roll Bride magazine as a rival to any of the national wedding magazines, but as an evolution and extension of my brand. Something for my readers to collect and keep.”

Both my blogging workshops and the magazine are actually quite tidy examples of ways I’ve tried to push myself, evolve my business and stay ahead of the competition over the past few months. No one ever won a race by standing still after all.

Life is constantly in a state of evolution, and it’s only if we dare to think that we’ve ‘made it’ that we will begin to fall behind and fail…and I don’t want to do either of those things!

Photography Credit: Source Images (full set here)

I’m a wedding blogger, but my work isn’t confined to these digital pages…or even just to weddings in fact. I’ve extended my brand with my magazine, the School of Rock (n Roll Bride) workshops, the parties, the photo shoots, the external writing gigs… For me, expansions like these are not about short term gain (i.e. making money) but are about evolving and constantly improving brand Rock n Roll Bride, so I can stay ahead of my competition and push myself to improve.

Blogging about awesome alternative weddings is easy. I love it, but it doesn’t push me. Making myself work hard for something is much more personally empowering. These Post It Notes for example take longer for me to write every week than any of my other blog posts, but the satisfaction I get from hearing that the blog posts are useful to people is palpable.

Your competition will always be there. It can be frustrating, maddening even at times, to see them in your rear view mirror, but instead of wasting time and energy complaining – evolve. Really think about how you can push your business forward and make yourself stand out. That way, I promise, you’ll never get left behind.


  1. great advice Kat, I’ve started trying to push myself recently and do more flower workshops which have been really popular… then someone asked me to do a floral demonstration in front of 50 people (my workshops are usually about 10!) so I said yes, and then found out 2 days before that there was going to be over 100 people. I was so nervous I was sick before I went on stage and was well out of my comfort zone… but I did it and have had so many ladies that were at the demonstration come in to my shop and buy flowers! It was definitely worth it and I am going to do it again next Christmas! Have a great weekend x

  2. Brilliant Kat… its a banger, just as you promised.

    AND… basically sums up everything we said/slurred on Wednesday night.


  3. Post author

    haha Lee! i wrote this yesterday with a slightly sour head. im guessing our drunkern wednesday night convo was still stuck in my head somewhere

  4. Lyla

    Hi Kat,

    This post is great – I work in advertising and we’re constantly being bombarded with message that print is dying as circulations are dropping. Print will definitely never die in my opinion as people will always want something tangible that they can treasure and keep.

    P.S- this is my first post so obviously wanted to say I’m planning my wedding for Friday 13th September 2013 and LOVE your blog!

  5. This is sooooo true.

    In life there are leaders and followers. There’s been a lot of talk recently about copying ideas etc and although this is not good it’s something you see in every industry. Designer fashion is copied on the high street within weeks but the best designers will always be pushing trends forward rather than looking at how everyone else is just running to keep up.

    Keep pushing forwards lady and stuff the rear view mirror, remember objects appear closer than they actually are.

  6. I’ve been a part of a company in the past that is always dragging behind, not wanting to invent-what’s-next, but rather follow the leading competition. Somehow, they do well, but if they would just push themselves beyond what they’re currently doing, they would be substantially more successful.

    I use this as a learning experience being in that environment, and most definitely agree with your Post It Note here. It’s important to push yourself to be on top, and… give people what they want, but inspire them to want what you give. 🙂

  7. A good read, and I have to say although I normally say print media is dying I tend to mean this for newspapers rather than magazines. Magazines always have that collector scene with them. I use to collect Sonic The Comic, Animals of Fathering Wood comics (loved the TV show) and these days now subscribe to a Parenting magazine and a Tattoo magazine as well. So although I think some areas of print are dying out, others like magazines are still going to stick around for longer than say newspapers will.

    Of course being the geek I am I always love flicking though an e-magazine on my iPad 😉

  8. Totally agree – the competition is always there, and there will always be leaders and followers, innovators and copiers. By concentrating on what you do well, creating your own niche and yes, absolutely, making that brand strong, recognisable and robust by keeping the focus strong but the reach wide – you’re onto a winner.

    I don’t worry about what the competition is doing, I concentrate on making what I do the best that it can be given my own strengths and market focus. Analysing what others are doing, for me, is more about keeping that market focus strong, not stealing ideas.

    Love these business related posts, keep them coming!

  9. Wise words, yet again…I agree with you that print is not dead ,but in this world of many wedding mags that are full of bad ads and precious little creative, inspiring editorial content its hard to feel inspired . I think your mag and blog shines out, and you can totally see its you and what you love, the weddings in it are gorgeous in thier own unique ways and I am sure must be a massive inspiration to many a bride (and wedding business) out there…whats more it runs alondgside the blog perfectly. Having said that I don’t think a few welldone, hand picked ads would go amiss but the first issue felt very pure and uncluttered and i loved it.
    Keep pushing forward Kat, you are an inspiration to includedx


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