Post-It Notes – 18th November 2011: Walk, Don’t Run

November 18, 2011

Credit: The Art of Hand Lettering

It’s quite a simple business note this week because a) I’ve been poorly (oh woe is me, seriously Gareth is so annoyed with my ‘milking it’ as he lovingly puts it!) and b) I’ve been working on my notes for my first blogging workshop* (which I’ve dubbed School of Rock (n Roll Bride) haha I know I’m just that cool) which is taking place in London NEXT WEEK so I’m a little bit exhausted of thinking about business type stuff if I’m honest!

Nevertheless, this is still a very worthwhile lesson for us all. Write it on a post it note and stick it above your computer, go on!

Don’t run before you can walk.

When you’re new to an industry it’s easy to want to want to try and ‘catch up’ to your competition as quickly as possible. One way many people try (and often fail) to do this is by doing too much too quickly. For example I’ve seen new wedding blogs pop up left right and centre over the past few months and already quitting their full time jobs (like seriously, you girls need to tell me how you’re doing this, it took me 3 years to be able to make enough money to support myself, am I missing some massive trick over here?), taking on advertisers, organising parties and meets, taking part in photo shoots, writing for magazines…hold it there sista!

While it’s great to have goals and to want to explore other avenues as part of your business, the most important thing you need to do as a new business is to get really good at being YOU. You need to hone your basic skills and get to know your industry back to friggin’ front.

It’s so tempting to run full steam ahead with every idea you have to take every opportunity that comes your way (read my blog post on saying no for advice on this one!) but you know what you’re really doing? You’re spreading yourself too thin and diluting your brand. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ right?

Get REALLY GOOD at doing what you started out to do and then after some time work on other ventures to extend that perfectly defined brand. The great thing about starting your own business is that you make the rules. There are no deadlines (especially if it’s a business, like blogging for example, that you can do while still maintaining a full time job) and you certainly don’t need to ‘catch up’ to anybody. Go at your own pace and make everything you do brilliant.

Trying too many things at once or launching lots and lots of ideas at the same time can be more detrimental to a young business than you might think. Do you want to a) annoy the more established guys within your industry? b) burn out? c) confuse your clients? d) deliver luke warm ideas?

No? Well STOP. Stop and get really good at doing the one thing you set out to do before you spread your wings and expand.

*The School of Rock (n Roll Bride) is currently full until the end of 2011, however we will be taking new admissions for 2012 classes soon!