Post-It Notes – 30th September 2011: Transport & Remembering to Breathe

September 30, 2011

Photography Credit: Svetlana Batura (full photo shoot on the blog next week)

Arriving in style is easier than ever these days, with some great companies around offering unique wedding day transport ideas. If the traditional horse and carriage or vintage Bentley isn’t your style then there’s no need to fret! “Dear twitter & facebook,” I asked this week, “What advice would you offer to a Rock n Roll couple struggling with the idea of how to get to their wedding…?”

Bethan Beej Jones I’m not not trying to do anyone out of any business but ask around your friends, you’ll be surprised who has a cool car lurking in the garage you can borrow!

Jaye Cole Think creatively – there are so many fun ways to get to your big day. I am still waiting to photograph a bride arriving on bicycle handlebars or being pulled in a red wagon. If you are close by – why not stomp it?

Zoë Kane Don’t do it if you feel like you don’t need it! Too many people say they are having a car for the photos. Try a bike, or walking!

LoveGetsSweeter If there’s a lot of distance between ceremony& reception DO think about your guests! Maybe hire a retro bus or at least give directions!

Kay Michelle Armiger-Burke If you’re having trouble finding money in the budget for a traditional wedding car then local taxi companies usually have executive taxis that are BMW’s or Merc’s that are a much cheaper alternative. Also they usually provide ribbons for the car for free too. Much cheaper than a traditional car but looks just as smart.

Marie-Claire Hernandez Graulau I once saw a couple (and the invitees) walking from the church to their reception venue being lead by an Eastern European Gypsy band. You could not help but dance with them. Way more memorable than a car if you ask me.

And to give you a  few more ideas, here and some of my favourite transport ideas in some of the weddings I’ve featured recently…

Ronnie & Craig restored their own VW Camper van
Laura & Rob hailed a pink taxi
♥ Sybil & Jon (and all their guests!) got in the back of a trailer pulled by a tractor!
Kristy & Patrick paraded down the road with their guests
Lucy & Michael hired a London bus
♥ Mary & Sam caught a boat!
♥ Leigh & Aaron themed their wedding around their love of bicycles
♥ Laura & Thilde rode on a bike and sidecar