Post It Notes – 5th August 2011 – Competitions & Getting Personal

Photography Credit: McKinley-Rodgers Photography (full wedding on the blog next week)

Wedding magazines and blogs are full of competitions so enter as many as you can while you’re engaged! Seriously, I don’t think you’ll ever be exposed to so much potential free stuff again! Remember someone always has to win.

Oh what a great opportunity to remind you about the two contests I’m hosting right now (!)

♥ Name & Win a Lipstick from Angelberry Cosmetics

♥ An Engagement & Video Shoot with Assassynation Photography, Sassy n Frank & Elbie Van Eeden!

You don’t have to be a fantastic photographer to put personal photographs on your blog or social media outlets (twitter/facebook etc.) A second-hand DSLR and one decent lens (I have the canon 500D and a 50mm 1.4) is really all you need to start snapping the good stuff. And yes even the odd camera phone photo is acceptable.

Sharing personal photos is a fantastic way to connect with your readers/followers and let them know a lot about you better. Don’t be afraid of taking and sharing personal photos, it’s what we all want to see!

I’m always amazed when I meet my readers and they tell me they feel like they know me. I actually don’t share that much really personal stuff online, but the photos I share do give away a great deal.  I appear to be quite an open book with a lot of the things I do put out there but I bet you couldn’t tell me much about my day to day life (hint: it’s not always as exciting as it appears!)

Here’s some of the personal photos I’ve shared and what they’ve told you…

I’m a silly poser and I love large floral headgear

I’m obsessed with my cats and Henry likes to steal my desk when I leave it (and erm…my office is quite messy)

My husband is all kinds of hotness

I really really love Emma Case


  1. You are so right Cat, I`ll fallow your advice and share more personal photos, and I really really like this type of posts “Post it notes” they are very helpful specially coming from someone like you,(i mean you talk because you already experienced that and know what are you talking about) and your “wisdom” is very useful, Thanks a lot.


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