And the Next Rock n Roll Bride Intern is…

August 1, 2011

It was a hotly contested battle but I’m pleased to announce that after 20,000 votes (!) that the next Rock n Roll Bride intern is…

Congratulations Miss Roo, I very much look forward to getting to know you and sharing your (sure to be) awesome wedding planning story with the readers of Rock n Roll Bride.

Roo & her fiance Lamb are right at the beginning of their wedding planning so I know we’re going to have loads of good stuff to read about! I have to say I’m super excited to see which suppliers they book and all the awesome DIY projects that I’m sure they’re going to get stuck into too…

Roo & I are actually going to meet in actual real life on Wednesday too (and I’m bringing a photographer friend with me to capture it.) I’m so excited!! From what I know about her so far I think she’s all kinds of awesome and we’re going to be BFF’s for sure.

Roo will be writing a monthly column for the blog (for now…maybe more if y’all want it or she comes up with any extra ideas!) which will be posted on the first Monday of each month…and as today is the 1st August I thought I’d throw her in at the deep end by sharing her first post right now.

We are also yet to come up with a nice catchy title for Roo’s posts…like how Alice became Alice in Weddingland…Can you help? Comment below if you’ve got any bright ideas. My idea of “Roo says I Do” made even me want to die inside with it’s cheesiness.

Welly, welly, well. When I sat and wrote my application to Kat a few weeks ago, I of course had hoped, but certainly not expected to be sat addressing you all now as her brand new intern. Lamb actually asked me, “aren’t you excited to have your words and thoughts read by thousands of people?” Let me tell you, the only word for it is ludicrous. Last week’s voting process was both stomach churning and exhilarating, and I’m certain that I’ve accrued several more grey hairs than usual (plus, it wreaked havoc with my quitting-smoking regime).  Besides reading some fabulous words of support from total strangers here on the blog (thank you, each one of you, you gave my ego a fantastic boost) my favourite part of last week by far was getting to “meet” and have a natter with some really outstanding individuals. To name them outright would merely omit the many other outstanding individuals who took the time to read and vote for my application, so I hope my powers of e-telepathy are working today and that you simply know who you are.

Of course, I simply must extend my gratitude first and foremost for Kat. When we heard that the voting had ended, I wrote my immediate impressions on the whole experience to date over at my blog. There, I expressed being humbled by everyone who had faith in me and the vision that Lamb and I have for our wedding; that warm, fuzzy feeling started with Kat from the moment she shortlisted me, and has been an unstoppably-spreading force ever since. I am excited by the prospect of making a new friend in my new “boss”, and by all the doors, windows and cat-flaps of opportunity she could open up for me as I share this dizzying experience with you.

All that remains for me to do is give you a little heads-up on my not-so-distant future posts, and introduce our story properly.

As you will (or should!) know from my intern application, I’m Lisa, aka Roo, and he’s Liam, aka Lamb. As you read this, I will be unpacking boxes and scrubbing skirting boards in our new Brighton home, which we’ll have freshly moved into this morning from London. I must admit that most said boxes hold little of anything practical; I am a magpie for charity shop finds regardless of their use or the necessity of them in my life, which is worthy of a mention since (I hope) most of our wedding décor and detail will be sourced from Oxfam, PDSA, British Heart Foundation, et al. I am almost certain that I will bully Kat into letting me post about this topic at one time or another, so keep those peepers peeled in the coming months. Of course, one of the many pretty things in our new house is, inevitably, my darling Lamb. Owner of the colour spectrum’s greenest eyes and wearer of the world’s most radical beard, I have been engaged to this nitty gritty critter for a little over a month and a half.

He proposed to me in a bar in Kreuzberg, Berlin, on the third night of our first ever holiday together. I now know that he had been carrying the ring around in his pocket since we arrived, and was waiting for the perfect moment to ask for my hand. Such a perfect moment came amongst ambient light, Chesterfield sofas, tapestry bolster cushions, and fresh mojitos. The day before, I had plucked a stray eyelash from Lamb’s cheek and asked him to make a wish on it (and we all know that you can’t reveal a wish, else it won’t come true). As we were sinking into the sofa and puckering at our overly-zesty cocktails, he turned to me and he told me, “yesterday I wished that I could make you happy for ever, and I know of a way I can make sure that happens”. With that, he got down on bended knee, took the ring from his pocket, and promptly bumped into a table, cocking-up his center of gravity and sending him on two knees to steady himself. As someone said when we relayed this story, “so you didn’t ask her – more like begged her?” Let me tell you, he totally didn’t have to beg. Not by a long shot. We spent our last remaining days wandering around Berlin in a daze as if we were drunk, and I’m not too sure that I’ve sobered up yet (note: this post is not endorsed by Captain Morgan).

I cannot tell you how amazing the feeling is unless you are experiencing it already, in which case you will know that it is literally indescribable. To wake up every day and know that this delicious bundle of facial hair on legs wants me to be his wife and bear his cubs is more than I would’ve ever expected to happen to me. Stuff like this doesn’t usually happen to people like me. But I guess this proves that sometimes, it can. I am blessed for him and now, I am blessed for all of you, too. Thank you for wanting to follow us on the road to a bright future, and a totally incredible wedding! I’ll see you all next month where I delve into the seven layers of Hell (also known as the hunt for the perfect wedding venue) but in the mean time, you can keep track of my scatty scrap-booking of inspiration over at my Tumblr. Until then, it’s back to the hunt.

May the sun bless all you wild animals,