A Steampunk Story

This steampunk themed bridal shoot was set up by Australian photographer Angelica Peady and Lea from Willow Tree Creative Services) in order to to showcase these fabulous gowns from Gallery Serpentine. The shoot was styled to complement the amazing venue they chose, the Lithgow State Mine Park – an old mining site in New South Wales.

“It is the story of a strong bride who is trying to navigate her own way to her wedding,” Angelica told me. “Her compass brakes and she is left to explore and find her way on her own. She has her british prototype WWII night vision goggles and her mason’s on acid amulet for protection, finally she finds her way to a steam train and made it to her wedding fashionably late.”

Thanks to Angelica and Lea for sharing this quirky shoot with us today.

Photography Credit: Angelica Peady Photography
Styling: Willow Tree Creative Services
Dresses: Gallery Serpentine
Location: Lithgow State Mine Park
Model: Kasia
Make Up: Irene Philips


  1. Man, I love this! So ‘Mad Max’ and a really fresh take on a bridal shoot. Would love to see more from Angelica! RD

  2. Loving the outfit. Agree this is very Mad Max – more diesel punk perhaps? DreamDraigon Designs do some interesting garments and complete everything by hand – no electricity! I s’pose they are more Victorian steampunk though.

  3. Love this shoot!
    We’re very keen on theming our wedding with a Victorian/Steampunk vibe, does anyone know of where we could get clothes in Southeast? We’ve seen some stuff online, but would love to try them on first.
    Any help would be ace!


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