Post-it Notes – 10th June 2011: Bridal Comfort & Your ‘About Me’ Page

June 10, 2011

Photography Credit: Souder Photography (full wedding coming up on the blog next week!)

Being comfortable on your wedding day is SO important. The day will be a long one and you are likely to be on your feet for a lot of it. Therefore it is vitally important that you shoes fit you well (and you have flats in your bag!) your headpiece doesn’t dig into your head and your dress is not two sizes too small.

Considering buying a dress in a smaller size to force you to ‘slim into it’? DON’T. Planning a wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about calories and a new exercise regime on top of it all…and put it this way, if you don’t slim into that dress you’re going to feel pretty poo about yourself on the day right? Plus no one wants to see a bride spilling out of a too small gown do they? Harsh but true.

Your ‘about me’ page is one of the most important aspects of your website, and will often be the first thing a potential client looks at. They will do this because they want to find out as much about the person behind the business as possible. So give them what they want – be personable, approachable and write it in the first person, as yourself.  A potential client wants to know about YOU and hear from YOU…not what a mystery writer says about you. A psychological barrier will be put up between you and the client (like there’s someone else they have to go through to find the ‘real you’) and it can even subconsciously seem like your hiding something if you it is written in the third person.

Secondly, having a personal photograph on your ‘about me’ page is immensely important, however it’s the number one thing I often see missing from wedding business websites. The wedding industry is an intensely personal one – potential clients are inviting you to be a part of the most important day of their lives and the simple addition of a personal photograph will help this client instantly connect with you (or disconnect – but both have the desired outcome, do you want to be working with people who don’t ‘get you?’)

In the last few months I’m even seeing a number of brave wedding professionals putting up short videos of themselves talking to camera and going about their business. The thought of this may be daunting, but as with the photograph, a video will allow a potential client to quickly know whether you are the type of person they’d connect with or like to work with.

It’s up to you how much personal information you are willing to put about yourself online, but honestly no one wants to read about your medical history or family tree anyway – keep it light-hearted, genuine and relevant.