Gay Marriage Legalised in New York

I just woke up to this wonderful news and I couldn’t let this day pass without a quick WOOHOO to all the LGBT friends of the blog! I look forward to seeing and featuring many more fabulous same sex wedding from here on in. Go New York!

Plus, this photo blew me away…I would have loved to see this is real life.

Photography Credit: via neighborhoodr


  1. I think this is fabulous news. Being from Toronto where same-sex marriage has been legal for years, I’m still shocked that government feels they have the right to decide who someone should spend the rest of their life with. Rubish I say!

  2. Yay! I cannot wait to marry my H2B and am so glad more people are going to get to experience the wonderfullness of it all!

  3. It’s such fantastic news. I actually think it’s about time that we looked again at same sex marriage laws here in the UK. It’s great that we have civil partnerships, but I think the time is now for legalising same sex marriage.

  4. lisa robin

    hurray for new york it’s about time! (come on rest of the country) i saw the empire state building all rainbowed up from my neighborhood in brooklyn, so fun!


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