Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 27th May 2011

Photography Credit: Steep Street

“Within your wedding planning try and factor in a few months after the wedding. You may find after the wedding that you feel like something is missing, you may have spent up to 2 years planning your wedding, so now what? Make sure you book in trips with your new husband, weekends away, days out, new projects – give yourselves something to look forward to.”

From Kelly of Boho Weddings & Events

The sincerest form of flattery is sincere flattery.

Imitation is a different thing.

…from @blankenship, found via @thinksplendid. I don’t think any quote could sum up better how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. There is nothing, nothing, flattering about being ripped off. However it does force you to push yourself to always be one step ahead and be better than the copycats…and you will be, remember that.


  1. This Business Note really resonates with me Kat. I am new(ish) to the wedding blog industry as you know and I already feel that my content and concept is being used as “more than inspiration” elsewhere. You are right though, its important to stay ahead of the game in your niche. Your readers will be loyal.

    Have a great weekend.

    Julia xx

  2. SO true – there’s been so much copying recently (especially for stationers) and it really f*ing annoys me – what’s the point?! Surely you’re doing it because you want to express yourself and be creative and share your ideas, copying others completely defeats the point!

  3. I love my job, however as a artist and a designer you realise, who ever invented the wheel probably feels right royally ripped off,
    How much of an idea is ours or someone elses? I make brooch bouquets, Love them , its my happy placed evolved from my mix media vintage themed art… INever knew I wasnt the first until I googled my idea. However my designs are mine. I dont “copy” I dont need too. What about tattoos.. do we all have orignial artwork on our skin?
    I hope I never loose my creative juices and need to copy others and plagerise a design.. I do however feel inspired and moved by others creativity …


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