Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 8th April 2011

Inspiration boards are your friend. Taking the time to put together a selection of your favourite wedding (and non wedding) images will give you a strong and cohesive idea about what your ideal wedding theme or colour scheme will look like. They will also help you visualise what works together and what doesn’t. Above is one I made using BHLDN’s new online moodboard tool – looks like my next wedding will be a sea-green and peach theme, who knew?!

When you blog something new, add a link to it on your Twitter & Facebook to notify your followers of your new content. There are automatic systems that can do this for you so you don’t have to worry about it. I use one called Twitterfeed.

However beware of bombarding people with messages to promote your posts – some of your followers who, like me, are online all day will probably get annoyed at seeing the same thing posted over and over and over! It’s all about finding the balance between sharing something that you think your followers might find interesting and generally going to far and never posting anything else but links to your own blog. Sorry but this is more than likely to have the exact opposite effect and will probably result in people unfollowing you! I’d suggest promoting each entry once or maybe twice (morning and evening) maximum.


  1. I have indeed just unfollowed someone who did nothing but retweet the same gazillion messages and links over and over, sage advice!

  2. Pickle

    I have a wedding scrap book which is full of pics that I am gathering inspiration from. We thought it was a bit of a naff idea at first but it is helping me plan our wedding and keeping us focused on the things we like and want! I think it will be a great keepsake too after the big day.

  3. minky

    love love love the underwear on the mood-board! have I missed the tag for where it’s from? would really like to know!

  4. Not a truer word said, Blogging is all about striking the balance and not to frustrate your user base, I must admit though I am guilty of this also, so I must start listening to myself and others.


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