Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 1st April 2011

April 1, 2011

Photography Credit: Isaac Salazar | Book of Art

Happy April Fools Day everyone! Have you spotted any of the obligatory ‘April Fools’ style news reports yet?

Well something that won’t make you a fool (omg that was the most terrible pun ever but I kinda wanted to get it out of my system…) is if you check out today’s Post-It Notes tips & tricks.

I’ve also been loving the readers who have been sending me actual photos of my tips on real life Post-Its. That’s kind awesome! Feel free to link to your own photos in the comments.

Take a leaf out of Emma & Pete’s book. Have fun, don’t stress and rock it out YOUR way.

Invest time and money in your website, blog and branding. They are your number one marketing tool and your shop window – no matter what your business. Which ever way a potential client initially finds you (advert, magazine, google, word of mouth, via another blog etc) they are pretty much guaranteed to check out your website before contacting you. Make sure it gives the first impression that you want it to – especially if you are offering a ‘visual’ service (photography, stationery, clothes, flowers.)

A badly-functioning, unattractive, or out of date website will only give the impression that you and your business are badly-functioning, unattractive and out of date. Look at (and listen to!) this horrific example. What is your first impression of this business? That’s not an impression you want to give out yourself huh?!