Post-it Notes – Top Tips for your Wedding Planning & Business – 18th March 2011

Photography Credit: via all about photos via we heart it (if you know the original source of this image, please drop me an email & I’ll add it)

So Photography Friday is no more. I know some of you are still in mourning (be sure to follow me on twitter and facebook for regular and random personal pictures if you want ’em) but behold – a new feature! First off I’ve got to say thanks to everyone on twitter and facebook who helped me come up with the name for this post, I was struggling to be creative and couldn’t think of anything to call it apart from ‘Tip-day Friday’ and that was kinda rubbish…

Post-It Notes will be blogged every Friday and every week I’ll be posting two top tips – one related to wedding planning and one for business/blogging. The idea behind this being that I get hundreds of emails asking for my advice and magazines are always asking for my ‘top tips’ on different areas of wedding planning, so I thought hey, why not make a blog feature out of it? I have visions of some of you writing these out onto actual post-it notes and sticking them in your wedding planning book/inspiration folder or all around your office! That would be pretty cool.

Let me know what you think of my new feature in the comments – if you like the idea, I’ll keep it going.

Book your photographer early. A lot of the best photographers get booked out as far as a year in advance so this is one thing to not leave to the last minute and unlike some other wedding services, you usually won’t get a discount for a last minute booking.

Whatever your business, start a blog. Now. Stop putting it off and just do it…sometimes simply starting something is the hardest part.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with booking your photographer early – it’s amazing how many desperate last-minute calls come through to us!

    I also totally agree on the blogging side. I’ve recently moved to WordPress and am being diligent with updating the blog regularly with a variety of different, but related, topics. It shows your willingness to share ideas and information, positions you as an expert and even better, helps your SEO 🙂

    Liking the idea of the ‘post-it note’ tips, easy to digest and remember!

  2. Great tips me dearie! And yes it’s just so sad when you have to tell all those lovely lovely last minute couples that you are already booked…so get in there quick!! X

  3. Agree!! I have had to tell so many brides lately we are already booked for their day. You should really start looking at photographers once you have your venue and date firmed up.

  4. Short but sweet, 2 incredibly excellent pieces of advice!!! As a wedding photog i am all about tip no 1, early bird catches their photographer…


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