Photography Friday – Flowers, Dreadlocks & My Utterly Gorgeous Sister

I’m actually super excited about posting these – my first actual ‘set’ of photos that weren’t just of me messing about at home on my own. Today I went into town with my sister Rachel (and yes I did name my cat after her!) It just so happens to be totally gorgeous so I forced her to play model all day. I think she gave me a run for my money actually!

We had lunch at a new organic cafe in Reading (yum), bought flowers for 30p from the sweetest little old ladies ever and drank coffee by the river. What a fab day.

Her dreads are pretty rad too huh? Her super talented boyfriend Jamie does them for her. You can check out his website, Dread Monkey, right here. always, photo critiques and tips in the comments please!

Credit: All photos by me (and the few of me were taken by Rachel – the sister not the Maine Coon!)


  1. Lovely pics! She IS gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a lovely day out – it makes me miss my sister – only she’s slightly further away in Australia! :p

  2. I think my favourites are the ones with the dreadlocks against the bright blue, they’re lovely 🙂

    I found another learning tool that might be helpful. The page name (it’s at Facebook) is ‘How to Photograph Your Baby’ but the tips that he gives you can be used for anything. I’ve already learnt a couple of things that I never thought about before. (Like, I always have preferred natural lighting to indoor and artificial lighting, but I didn’t know that it’s best to photograph in early morning sunlight or afternoon sunlight, as midday is too strong)

    In the one of your sister facing forward with the blue background, it might have looked better if you’d asked her to take her bag thing off, as the strap is a bit distracting. I think it’s a bit dark too, (but still a lovely shot :D)
    (I’m also far from professional, haha but I hope it helps)


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