Motorbikes & Lucky Strike

July 22, 2010

This awesome shoot was put together for Little White Dress bridal boutique in Bakersfield, CA. I love that a bridal shop went for such a retro rockabilly look for their promotion. “I really wanted to do an out of the box bridal shoot in a retro cigarette style ad reminiscent of the old Winston/Lucky strike ads” photographer Jeb told me. 

Thanks to Jeb and the whole team for sharing these fabulous shots with us today

Credit: Nashville Photography Group


  1. Theresa

    AMAZING!!!! I am slightly jealous as I just got married on the Santa Monica Pier recently. We had such little time for portraits…I wish we had gotten some more photos like these!! So fun and colorful.

  2. Ana Q

    Super cool! Theresa you can have other shoot, as this coupple… This wasn’t their wedding day photoshoot… You can do something cool and different, a rock my dress or trash the dress photoshot 🙂


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