Bree, Andy & Sadie the Dachshund

Bree & her cute little dachshund, Sadie decided to do a shoot for Bree’s fiance Andy…a casual and cool boudoir style session complete with a record player, The Ramones and Andy’s bass. I just love this vibe and I really adore how everything is kind of mismatched. Mismatched underwear is the cutest. I don’t think I even own a matching set!

Be sure to check out the couple’s lovely engagement session here too.

Thanks to Amber for sharing these today

Credit: Live it out Photography


  1. This is the sweetest! Bree looks great, and I way prefer the idea of doing a shoot like this ~ down to earth, natural and kooky as opposed to something which wouldn’t be so me like tacky red underwear and white stilettos. At least you could kind of show these shots to friends and family! Love that it’s in mis-matched heaven and of course the pet addition would have to be done!

  2. I love this shoot and am in total agreement with you Kat on the mismatched underwear thing. I’m sure Bree’s fiance loved these pictures and I am in love with Sadie – she is adorable!

  3. Lindsay

    I love that tiny couch!!! Anyone know where to find one like that? Thanks!!


  4. thanks everyone!! this shoot was seriously fun.

    linds — it’s my friend, leah’s. i’m pretty sure she found it on craigslist. otherwise, i’ve seen them on etsy + at flea markets. hope that helps!

    xo amber

  5. mrsjaxies

    this is amazing! i didn’t do a boudoir shoot for my wedding because i thought i’d look ridiculous pretending i could pull off fancy underwear but this…this i could do. maybe for an anniversary?

  6. Tracy

    Wow! Mismatched panties and knee socks…. Heaven! I am in love with her ring! Wow simply wow!


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