Playful, Retro Boudoir

I don’t feature that much boudoir photography, which doesn’t mean that I don’t like it, it means that I don’t like most of what I see of it. However when a session like this one from Sergio Mottola lands on my desk, boy do I approve! Sexy, sensual and girlie without being overtly so. That’s what I love. The shoot almost has a playful, retro tone and you can’t argue that that is way too Rock n Roll for words.

Thanks to Sergio for sharing these today

Credit: Sergio Mottola Photography


  1. The faded high wasted jeans are a perfect 80’s Guess ad. These are great and so out of the norm for boudoir. I love that they have taste and class and retain the sex appeal.

  2. These are awesome. Her hair and makeup are perfect for boudoir. I have to say you saying that you dont like much of the boudoir you see – but you like these made me want to see them even more.


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