New Orleans Elegance

Flickr is one of my favourite online hangouts. One of the things I most enjoy about it is uncovering a little gem of undiscovered talent or seeing a sneak peek of a wedding before everybody else and Flickr allows me to do just that. Whilst having one of my daily stalks, I saw this beautiful New Orleans wedding and photo session.

Matt & Anna Lora got married at Margaret Gardens (est. 1884) and afterwards had some beautiful portraits in the French quarter. She wore a stunning, full yet elegant dress by Mikaella, a bolero by Rosalyn Robbins and a hairpiece by Molly Gee Designs. I have much love for these…

mcmurphy-whatley wedding 1 58

Thanks to Aimee for sharing these with us today

Credit: Aimee Howell Photography


  1. Gorgeousness, and what a fab wedding dress! I know it’s really early but I am craving hot dogs ’cause of those images : )

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVEEE New Orleans, it is the most amazing magical city and this wedding is just gorgeous xxxx


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