A Punk Rock Kinda Day

April 23, 2010

The majority of the weddings and photo shoots I feature are sent to be by photographers or recently married couples, however occasionally I’ll come across a session so damn cool that I have to email the photographer right away and demand to feature it! This was one of those sessions.

I’d followed William Massey‘s work through a group on flickr for a while now yet it was only now that I really stood up and took notice. Philip & Anela were one of those couples that I instantly knew would suit Rock n Roll Bride to a tee – punky, retro, vintage, quirky, cool…they suited all these words that I overuse everyday on my blog.

Philip is actually the front man  in a 70’s style punk band called RALPH and lives with Anela in the Little 5 Points / East Atlanta area which is a very hipster / art scene area full of vintage clothing stores, art galleries, concert venues, coffee houses, and hole in the wall restaurants and bars (of course!) Anela got her gorgeous yellow dress from Stefan’s Vintage Clothing in Little 5 Points, Atlanta and Philip’s suit is also vintage but he’s had it for so long he doesn’t remember where it came from.

Thanks to William for sharing this awesome session with us today and I can’t wait to see this couple’s wedding!

Credit: William Massey Photography