Neon Boneyard, Tattooed Rockstars

February 7, 2010

Lindsey & Nate chose Vegas’ Neon Boneyard as the location for their radical engagement session and from Lindsey’s excitable email it sounds like their wedding is going to be off-the-hook too

We’ve decided it’ll be very US—off the cuff, a little startling, but still have those moments where you’d feel the need to sigh at the sheer romance of it all.  It’d be a whirlwind of crazy drinking and bringing family and friends together and looking FABULOUS and MOST OF ALL, having the best day of our life. Three of us at work started wedding planning at the same time and while they talked about chapel ceremonies and formal dinners they scoffed at my EMPHASIS on an open bar, chucks for the groomsmen, and the very mention that my maid of honor (my gay younger sister) would be in a tux rather than a dress –BLASPHEMY!!! I have no doubt in my mind though that my wedding and our great pics to always remember it by, will blow both of theirs outta the water.


Nate and I chose to do our engagement photos here in Vegas at a venue I fell in love with on Chelsea’s page: the Neon Boneyard, where all the old Vegas signs are kept.  It’s bright but rundown and captures Vegas perfectly and will be a great contrast to the relaxed Fall wedding (10/10/10 is XXX in roman numerals as Chelsea pointed out to us. SCANDALOUS, I love it!) we have planned at a Texas Vineyard. The pictures are being used for my Save the Date magnets. The invitations will each be tied with a feather, and then the wedding has been based around the bright colors of the peacock mixed with the deep browns of fall.  I guess I’m still somewhat of a traditional girl, and every bride needs something blue right?

Thanks to Chelsea, Lindsey & Nate for sharing

Credit: Chelsea Nicole Photography