We Love Rain

I just love it when a bride & groom are fearless on their wedding day – don’t let a little rain hold you back from having wicked photographs and a hell lot of fun!

Alissa & Phil were such an amazing couple to get to know and we were instantly stoked to shoot their wedding.  Unfortunately, when we arrived at the church, it was raining, and there was no end in sight.  Now, usually at this time we are looking for other inside options to do the photos, but rain didn’t phase Alissa or the bridal party AT ALL.  So we headed out to a super cool location we found just a few days before and completely rocked it.  I also just have to say, usually when a photographer asks a bride, “Hey, there’s a sunflower field over there that would be awesome for pictures, but there is a ditch you have to hop, and it’s kind of muddy, and you’ve been standing out in the rain for an hour, and you have your wedding dress on, and it’s freezing” there is an awkward silence and usually a “NO” at the end.  But, again they proved me wrong and were up for absolutely everything we said. Alissa + Phil + Rain + Cold = Awesomeness


Thanks to Brian & Amy for sharing this rainy and fun shoot with us today

Credit: Rogue Art Photography


  1. Fantastic shots- I love this!!! It reminds me of a wedding we did where the photos were taken at an old train depot- rusty metal is the coolest backdrop for wedding photos, it’s so unexpected. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How inspiring! Yay for the awesome couple! I’ll have to try to remember to be as easy-going on my wedding day (March 27!)


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