Rockin’ Kicks & Fashion to Love

December 29, 2009

Paul & Jess’ wedding was a stylish affair of rockin’ proportions. They both looked every bit the Rock n Roll couple for their Spring Lake, New Jersey nuptials…with a little help from their friends & families! Jess explains:

When we decided to keep our anniversary as our official wedding date we were just about mid-stride in working on the party at the Breakers.  I have to admit that planning for the first ceremony was pretty far from my mind.  Paul and I chose our wardrobe based basically on matching each other like we do all the time.  I bought a really beautiful black/tan dress, red shoes from and Paul picked up a tie to match his black & tan Nike SBs from Richmond Hood. We figured we had the whole thing in the bag. 


On the eighth, before heading over to Nana’s house to kick the party off, I went to the salon to have Khrystyne and Lisa get me, my mom, and my sister ready for the picture frenzy.  I kept getting told by my mother that there was a ‘really great’ surprise at Nana’s and that she hoped I would like it.  Nerve-racking words if spoken by absolutely anyone but my mother. I knew that if she and my sister had something to do with the surprise that I would certainly like it.  Khrystyne finished up my hair and Erica proceeded to do my makeup in the back of the salon.  In snuck my mother just about at the final touches of my makeup.  She said that she had another surprise and was quite concerned that I wouldn’t like it. Not exactly what the bride wants to hear with only minutes before leaving for the ceremony.  I asked her to show me this surprise of hers.  Turns out, not only did I ‘like’ it… I absolutely loved it!  Mom and Erica had spent all morning running back and forth to the Monmouth Mall.  When Mommy’s friend Joanne had set Nana’s house up for our ceremony (the original surprise), it looked so much like a chapel that my mom decided a black dress would look very out of place in pictures.  I could not have been happier that they took control of the situation without my help.  They picked an absolutely splendid wedding dress.  I couldn’t believe how well it fit and how incredibly wonderful it felt to wear white after all.  Thanks go to Mom, Erica, and Jessica McClintock!

Thanks to Brad, Paul & Jess for sharing their day with us.

Credit: Brad Ross Photography